Mobile App Personalization – The New Magic Trick for App Development Companies

Mobile devices rule our lives. Be it the smartphones or the wearables, they follow us everywhere. Applications on our devices are an integral part of our lives and personalizing them to our needs and style makes them more relevant and usable. Mobile App Personalization is not a new concept, it only gets formalized better with time and the confirmed indispensability of the devices. App Development companies cash in on this concept to ensure success of their apps.

Mobile App Personalization

It is in fact customizing what a user sees on starting the app, based on past usage information, location and other parameters predicting user behavior. Some call it targeted advertising but it is more of increasing the comfort of the users and keeping them engaged methodically.

Mobile App Development

App Development Companies Making the Most of Mobile App Personalization

People are downloading apps by thousands every day and besides the crazy numbers for Android we have, we also gather other interesting facts.

Mobile Apps – The Facts As They Are

Mobile Apps Fact

What these indicate is really simple and straight. Each app need to be set apart to keep the user engaged and enticed. The sure shot method is to show to the user what he wants to see and not what the app wants to show. A generalized user experience matters less to a user and we of course know how user experiences keep them bound. Tweaking a user experience to suit the taste is the solo motto of mobile app personalization.

Benefits of Personalizing The Apps

      • Drive More Purchases

Immature mCommerce apps tend to saturate the users by forcing them to browse and navigate to the objects of their interest. Losing interest and terminating the browse is a prime reason why these online stores lose out on sales. Today we find ourselves in the midst of new-commerce; a combination of e-Commerce, m-Commerce & me-Commerce. To avoid these blunders, both online and app based engagement relies heavily on mobile app personalization to increase the sales.

      • Retain Users

Renewal processes for subscription based apps is another common factor putting off the users. Retaining a user goes beyond keeping engaged with the content. It also means a smooth renewal process with personalized offers and campaigns; compelling the renewals.

      • Build Loyalty Across Channels

Multi-channel engagement is huge and it simply means that the users need to be engaged appropriately on different channels of communication. Generating user profiles using contemporary techniques like Big Data & Analytics and using this knowledge to personalize the apps is a sure shot way to have a comfortable, happy and loyal user base across the channels.

      • Personalizing the Onboarding

User Onboarding not only orients the user about the features of the app, but rather makes him aware of the features that would be beneficial. Increasing awareness vis a vis upcoming changes, happenings and accolades is a good way to keep in touch with the users and personalizing this information shared during onboarding itself, keeps the user loyalty confirmed.

Data Gathering Approaches For Apps Personalization

Personalizing the user experiences relies on the data gathered and analyzed. Data gathering then gains prime importance in this approach.

Demographic Data – Asking Questions During Onboarding

        • About the User
          • Age
          • Male or Female
          • Interests

Contextual Data – Asking Questions, Pulling Information

        • Devices Possessed
        • Location
        • Time when the App is used

Behavioral Data – Knowledge From The Actual Actions

      • User Preferences
      • Gestures preferred
      • Likes & Dislikes

A Word of Caution for Mobile Apps Personalization

In the quest to gather information for personalization care needs to be taken to avoid breaches to the privacy of the users of the app and data collected needs to be handled with caution at all times.

Best Buy – Putting Mobile App Personalization to Use

Best Buy

Best Buy makes mobile app personalization fun to use. The Best Buy Gaming app steers personalization activity. The app gathers information about favourite games and gaming systems of interest. Based on this, suggestions for purchasing as well as notifications of new games released are generated.

Users, as Best Buy claims, spend more time gaming and less time shopping!

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