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September 28, 2016

Entrepreneurship is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot for an individual to think beyond the monthly pay package and follow a passion with appropriate prudence and acumen. All the same, Entrepreneurship is on the rise, the sensible risk takers get wiser every passing day and armed with technology, the sky is the limit.

Mobile App Development

The Rise of the Entrepreneur

The GEI; Growth Entrepreneurship Index measures both business revenue and job growth using data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Dynamics Statistics related to new firms, irrespective of industries and domains.

Based on very distinct indicators, this index says it all about the startups and the direction this wave is taking.

Entrepreneurship on the Growth Path

Growth path

The Enterprise & The Technologies

Technology changes the face of every aspect of life it touches, including work and the ways of working. With the basic aim of improving efficiency; adapting technology in the workflows for enterprises also definitely means lowering costs and improving user experiences for both the customers and the employees.

Entrepreneurs recognize the growing importance of integrating technology at all fronts including mobile technologies and mobile application development pushes focus to specialized apps for entrepreneurs.

Need of enterprise

The Power of Mobile Technologies – Popular Apps for the Entrepreneurs

With the BYOD culture completely set in, mobile devices become more than an integral part of enterprise workflows. Entrepreneurs exploit the powers of mobile apps both for supplementary functions as well as core business functions to improve the work experience altogether.

Some popular apps become indispensable for Entrepreneurs today.

Productivity Apps

CloudOn – Now Merged with Dropbox


The best option for entrepreneurs to create word processing documents, make spreadsheets or work on important Presentations, is unquestionably CloudOn, bringing MS Office to the mobile devices, for free.

CloudOn App for Apple



Probably the most effective method for remaining in touch with all employees, partners & customers Skype app becomes an office norm for instant communication and connectivity on the go.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive App allows us to save all important files in one place and is easily accessible through any electronic device without having to worry about losing work.


Google Drive App for iOS Devices

Google Drive App for Android Devices



One of the highly recommended productivity apps, Dropbox app needs no introduction and is almost the last word on sharing files and collaboration for document exchange.

Dropbox for Android


The beauty of Evernote, which is available for free in Web, iOS and Android versions is that it can be whatever it is needed to be; right from storing notes or tracking thoughts as they occur; anytime & anywhere.

Evernote for Android

Knowledge Gathering Apps



A great bookmarking app that can save a variety of content like lengthy articles or right up to work-related documents and can be accessed offline across all of the entrepreneur’s devices.

Pocket App for iOS Devices

Pocket App for Android Devices



Prismatic is a real gem for entrepreneurs who are active readers. This app creates a custom feed based on the interests exhibited by the entrepreneur and even crawls the social apps to analyze and present what the entrepreneur might like to read.



Coming across interesting articles is one of the best parts of the Internet – and one of the worst things for your overall productivity levels. When saved to Instapaper account, the selected web pages are automatically stored for browsing later. Mobile app development for this app is ingenuity put to its best.

Instapaper for Android

Apps for easy accounting



Mint is a free app, designed to allow users to report expenses, create budgets, and implement a savings plan, all from the entrepreneur’s phone.


Mint.com App for iOS Devices

Mint.com App for Android Devices



FreeWave is a free Cloud-based app to create balance sheets and sales reports and also offers modules for payroll, invoicing, and payments.

Money Transfer Apps Across the Globe



Venmo is a completely free money-transfer app that allows users to send payments from one person to another. Venmo has no limit on the amount that can be transferred and unlike PayPal, has no transfer fees or long forms to fill out.

Venmo App for iOS Devices

Venmo App for Android Devices

Efficiency Apps



Things make it easy to start tracking “to do” items as quickly as possible on the Apple devices.




Print, sign, scan, and re-send documents on a daily basis is a nightmare for entrepreneurs. The SignEasy app allows the entrepreneur to sign and resend documents right from the phone making it one of the most popular apps for the entrepreneurs

SignEasy App for iOS Devices

SignEasy App for Android Devices

In a Nutshell

Mobile apps when putting to use in a practical and relevant manner, besides increasing the efficiency and improving the user experiences, also consolidates the integration of mobile devices into enterprise applications.

Statistics say that the percentage use of mobile applications is on a steep rise and applications used by entrepreneurs are taking top positions on the popularity charts too!

Mobile application development in India too focuses on enabling the entrepreneur for contemporary needs.

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