Mobile Apps Bring a Paradigm Shift in Logistics Industry for the Superior


“We are no longer in a mobile first world; we are in a mobile only world.” – Larry Page.

Shipping & Logistics has always been one of the busiest, fast moving and happening industry across the globe. Service providers in this arena always come across assorted challenges that address transportation issues and customer satisfaction. With emphasis on security, real time information, modernization increasing day by day, the need for a comprehensive technological solution to serve the needs of the logistics industry has also showcased to a large extent. As we see, in this industry, the entire field force is always on the move and that too spread out in various locations. And what better than the king of technologies, which has been ruling the globe single handedly – Mobile apps to serve the purpose to its optimum. Mobile App Development Solutions are the in thing today for almost all industries and for this particular one, it serves as the single stop solution. Enterprise mobility solutions are a sure shot success factor in supply chain & logistics. Logistics industry has been one of the foremost zones to have implemented mobile devices and leverage its potential for best of management and monitoring of their practices, knowing very well how capable this technology is to grow their business and make it more efficient.

Owing to certain highly evident benefits that get highlighted, mobile apps turn out to the ideal solution to the entire field force in the logistics sector. A significant decrease in the fuel cost, high end connectivity, uninterrupted service, efficient networking, enhanced productivity, reduced driver turnover, optimum tracking provision are some of the major ones. With the advent of latest enhancements on top of mobility solutions like IoT, shipping software solutions have turned out to be smarter than before.

Mobile Apps for Logistics Industry


Why are Mobile App Development Solutions Ever more Popular in Shipping & Logistics Sector?

  • Process Mechanization

Being a fast moving industry, there are many processes that involve a lot of paper based documentation. With the implementation of mobile apps, the entire burden of paperwork is eliminated and is replaced by visually appealing dashboards and reports. Naturally, this amounts to quick work and also leads to a lot of security of information.

  • Dynamic Vehicle & Cargo Tracking

Owing to instant availability of information all the time, the logistics sector is able to leverage the potential of the mobile apps and track the vehicle and cargo information instantly whenever and wherever needed. This leads to least upheavals in collecting and passing on information about the vehicles and cargo to the top management. Even the management can themselves search for the needful without a single piece of paper.

  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Earlier, enterprises could track their cargo only once it reaches a particular destination. Now, with the mobile apps in picture, it is possible to track the entire cargo, item by item and that too, at any desired location and time. This becomes beneficial for the client also to track own shipment and anticipate the arrival time. It also becomes easy for the logistics companies to ascertain the journey and the issues that may crop up over a period of time.

  • Flexible Transport Procedures

The prime reason mobile app development solutions are a hit with the shipping & logistics industry is the flexibility it offers in terms of changing and altering delivery routines dynamically. This allows a lot of space to the client in terms of controlling the entire activity and creates a friendlier rapport between the client and the service provider. Real time analytics is also available at a single click.

  • Optimization of Inventory Levels

These mobile apps are apt at maintaining and reporting inventory level and reducing excess stock levels from the warehouses, thereby reducing the cost overheads. They help you optimize the inventory levels to the best making the fast moving items generate more profit. It becomes very easy for the managers to maintain and replenish the inventory levels increasing profits all over.

  • Real time GPS Tracking of Assets, Vehicles, Cargo

With the latest GPS based technology imbibed in the apps, the availability of location of various things like assets, vehicles, cargo etc. is readily managed and shows the latest up-to-date information about these things at a single go.

  • Monitoring of Driver Routes and Efficiency Level

Mobile apps turn most effective in order to monitor the routes of the drivers and if need be, alter those to best fit the business. All details like mileage, areas covered, hours of travel, delivery schedules etc. can be obtained from it. This in fact, brings up the efficiency level of the drivers to a large extent.

  • The Latest Move, Mobile App Development Solutions Are Making, for the Logistics Sector

To add to the popularity, that mobile apps have gained, the latest modernization that has gone viral is the entry of mobile apps that take care of transportation requirements between the truck persons and the service provider, including all financial dealings and thereby, give a large amount of flexibility and security to the stakeholders. Just like Uber does to the taxi industry, similar vehicles are arranged to transport the cargo from one location to another, on temporary basis which are totally handled through the mobile apps and turn out to be cost effective and fast for the end users. With the modernization in each and every sector like the cloud, mobile apps, GPRS etc., manual intervention while dealing with same old transport staff doesn’t work anymore.

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