Mobile Device Management – An Indispensable Tool for Supply Chain & Logistics

For an industry zone that continuously deals with goods moving from one place to another and needs cost effective, efficiency and swiftness as its key success factors, it is highly apparent that the entry of mobile applications would bring about a revolutionary change in its operational efficiency and that is what has been observed, over these years. With the initiation of Mobile Device Management solutions for Logistics, there are a wide range of mobile devices and apps that are assisting organizations perform every little task from tracking assets and shipments to execution of procedures and dealing with third party systems. These Enterprise Mobility Management solutions are bound to maximize ROI bring in a steep increase in the productivity and growth charts of the enterprise.

With globalization spreading its wings into every nook and corner, one of the prime elements responsible for its growth and expansion is transport and logistics. With more and more challenges its way, this sector has been loaded heavily with movement of good rising day by day. Expectations from the industry are rising with real time data availability, enriched customer information, instant connect to the sales force, increased profitability and much more, becoming the key ingredients in any successful business. The need for a safe and productive Mobile Device Management in Supply Chain & Logistics application varies from that in other sectors like sales. There needs to be a high level of standardization and professionalism in the solution offering, showcasing a thorough understanding of the business processes and requirements.

Key Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management in Supply Chain & Logistics


  • Systematic Asset Tracking

The bulk of transportation assets – multi-priced, multi-sized, multi-use are a real big challenge to maintain and manage. The proposed solution act as a comprehensive medium by which all the assets, irrespective of geography or size, are very well tracked, monitored and managed, along with access to its latest position and condition. Even if these assets from being moved from one place to another, which is a very frequent case, these solutions assist in maintaining a consistent trail of the entire journey of the asset till its final destination. Basically a mobile asset tracking system, it also informs the customer instantly in case the asset is being delivered to the end client.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Once such a revolutionary solution is adapted, there are transparent and visible positive outputs in all the different arenas – production, logistics, security, installation, configuration, administration and others. All the various stakeholders involved, be it internal or external get the relevant information at the tip of the finger. Processes are well defined and detailed execution is done as per written set of rules, making the integration with third party systems much easier and flawless. A clear cut expression of all this positives in the rise in productivity of each stake holder, right from external agencies, employees, sales force, management

  • Effective Warehouse Management

The different types of mobile devices that are used in warehouses are a key factor in keeping the workers in the warehouse lively, active and well informed. Be it hand held devices, mobile, barcode printers and scanners, RFID tags etc., they can pick it up well to provide a safe, secure, hands free and highly productive working culture within warehouses. With the use of latest technologies, gone are those days when the warehouses were ill managed and did not even have the latest stock on hand. Complete mobile solutions encompass the entire warehouse based management providing stakeholders with information, anytime, anywhere, in any format.

  • Efficient Value Chain

Since mobile device management avoids big cost factors, the value of the entire application goes on a rise and turns out to be highly effective. Since the support system is quite exhaustive and effective, the processes interlinked are well woven with each other resulting into an efficient value chain. With different options based on the existing scenario, the services can be managed and monitored with high efficiency and greater value returns. Even the freight that has to be controlled can be done with proper tracking and monitoring. The supply chain and logistics organizations can leverage the capabilities of MDM and ensure optimum profitability with the help of an exhaustive workforce. This assists the entire enterprise in raising the value chain right from the worker to the management.

  • Faster Transit Time

Be it production, manufacturing, supply, logistics, transit time is a very important factor and that is what is monitored best with a comprehensive solution. Whatsoever may be the action being performed, the time being taken to do so is surely fastened and leads to timely completion of tasks. Because of direct communication between departments, tracking of vehicles through a well defined solution, thorough planning of activities, instant availability of information and many other factors, the overall transit time is quite smoother and quicker.

  • Cost Optimization

What more needs to be seen and said once you achieve all of the above. Each and every minute advantage that this MDM solution brings contributes to lowering of extra overheads and thereby optimizes the cost burdens on the enterprise’s shoulders.

SPEC INDIA, from its bouquet of enterprise business offerings and with its stringent quality standards, has been servicing a wide spread elite clientele all across the globe. The Logistics Mobility Management Application by SPEC INDIA has been harnessing its potential worldwide with successful implementations all over. Request a FREE DEMO to know more about this solution. Adding value to it is our Vehicle Tracking System, yet another thriving business solution by SPEC INDIA.


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