Mobile Device Management – the Need for Today


September 11, 2015


April 27th, 2023

Supervision, Scrutiny and Security of mobile devices is a challenge today, especially in organizations, be it small, medium or large, who offer mobile devices to all their employees ranging from top management to sales staff / field force. This is where an advanced, effective and secure Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is a must. MDM looks after the security, monitoring, management and support of mobile devices which are deployed within a variety of mobile operators, service providers and enterprises. It helps your business fill up the potholes by increasing the remote visibility and control over smartphones and other mobile devices.

There are certain pre-requisites which are essential prior to implementing any Mobile Device Management solution successfully. A few of these are Inventory of Devices, Grouping and Maintenance of Inventory, Physical Verification and Integration of Databases.

A Mobile Device Management Solution by SPEC INDIA – Efficient, Secure, Compact.

SPEC INDIA’s comprehensive and flexible device management solution has already carved a niche for itself serving a number of global clientele. It is a native application that executes in abstract mode, which looks after monitoring and managing mobile devices from a web-based administration panel. With a focus on Android-based mobile/tablet devices, the MDM solution helps in effective management, scrutiny and supervision of mobile devices. It can initially be loaded through an over-the-air mechanism on the mobile devices with a registration on the back office server. With the help of WiFi / GPRS / 2G and 3G, the internet connectivity between the devices and the back office is established.

Salient Features of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution

  • It maintains device logs for various functionalities such as device start, low battery level, attempt of accessing unrestricted app.
  • It takes care of controlling device system calls/functionalities.
  • One of the major reasons why this should be used is because it alerts the misuse of devices by the field staff to the higher authorities.
  • Real time tracking is possible.
  • Remote device management can easily be done.
  • Remote application installation/un-installation is viable.
  • Device usage can be monitored and thereby, controlled.
  • GPS co-ordinates of device can be viewed every few hours by higher authorities.
  • In case of change in SIM, alerts can be generated.
  • In various scenarios like auto attempt for non-delivered push notifications, device not traceable, device unlocked by password, device batteries getting below the desired level, Alerts and Notifications can be generated which can be very useful to monitor the security of devices.
  • Device security would be improvised and enhanced.

How would Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution benefit?

  • Maximization of RoI by ensuring profitability of assets provided to user
  • Asset management – Make certain that assets are used to the optimum
  • Secured mobile connectivity and access
  • Real time information regarding mobile users, report and alert generation
  • Utmost advantage of mobile network connectivity
  • Limit usage of devices to ensure correctness
  • Secure workflow and communication

Value Added Solutions with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution

The best of this solution can be extracted, tested and implemented along with SPEC INDIA’s popular solutions:

  • ZooM –Mobile Sales Force automation solution
  • Renaissance – Enterprise Customer Relationship Management solution
  • eSAM – Electronic Service and Maintenance application

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