Mobility Management in Education Campuses – A Cutting-Edge and Effective Solution

The rate at which the increasingly popular BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept is creating waves, it is making a long lasting impact on major industry domains, Education being importantly one of them. The continual usage of mobile devices by all, not sparring anyone, on the university / school campuses and the technologically imbibed networks have sunk in a high level of transformation in all major aspects of education campus management. Mobility Management in Education is witnessing a novel phase in itself with umpteen features, including security and conformity, to support it and probably make it one of the most leading industry domains. With the number of students and stake holders increasing, it is quite a cumbersome task for IT staff to go through the mobile devices of all of them adhering to organizational standards and principles. That is where a robust, comprehensive and flexible Enterprise Mobility Management Software for Educational Institutes is a must.

Most of the known educational institutes are adapting mobile device management solutions (MDM) to facilitate their campus administration and leverage a large number of benefits within campuses, making their lives much more safe, controlled and disciplined. University Mobile Management Devices are now becoming the face of education institutes and an indispensible part of the entire setup. Hence it is highly essential to weave in all relevant components together, in a seamless manner, so that the entire administration turns out to be reliable, manageable and supportive.

Key Competencies of Mobility Management Software for Educational Institutes

MDM for Education

Though there are umpteen key features of an EMM as regards to educational institutes, here are a few major ones which showcase the inevitable need for this wonderful solution:

  • Security Control

Safety and security form the prime aspect of this solution, as seen from all the other points, wherein security is a part and parcel of each one of them, in its own way. There has be a highly secure interaction between the faculty members and alerts / notifications / messages which are flowing around between stakeholders, have to be strictly moved around, based on the rights defined in the system, for the particular device. Regular optimization of the device also forms a part of the security mechanism, based on the type of device and location. End user privacy is given total protection by limiting data access from mobile devices of their own.

  • Remote Support & Management

Unless there is a strong remote support & management of mobile devices in the entire campus, the success of the Mobile Device Management for Education is impossible. Remotely accessing any device and providing effective guidelines to the stakeholder is very well treated and implemented.

  • Controlled Access

The mobile device manager for schools and universities has a strong control over the browser access with respect to students and their access rights. Only those acceptable website links can be accessed by them and those which are blacklisted will never be allowed. Owing to this strict control, there are rare chances of misuse of bad conduct on the part of the students.

The solution also defines certain applications which cannot be accessed at all, based on the security access control and adherence to these policies can be strictly done through the software.

  • Seamless Alliance between Stakeholders

With the system fully functional and in place, there is easy and seamless alliance between different stakeholders involved in the university / school campus. Device sharing is also possible between relevant members, with due authentication and security. With the permission of relevant members, there can be sharing of devices and information between stakeholders, as and when needed.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Since all the mobile devices are interlinked, manageable and under purview, it becomes a sure shot easy task for the management to extract needed information about students and other stakeholders at the tip of the finger, anytime, anywhere. This brings about swiftness in the working of the entire campus, thereby ensuring increased productivity and enhanced satisfaction amongst not only stakeholders but visitors too.

  • Complete Device Management

The major crux of the entire university related Mobile Device Management solution is the mobile device which is lying with each and every stakeholder, irrespective of their genre or authority. And that is why managing the entire device related string of actions is something that this solution delivers to its best. It involves viewing, tracking and managing all the devices in the campus, with its specific properties, users, connectivity issues and provides a thorough definition of the devices settings keeping in mind the pre-defined standards of the enterprise.

SPEC INDIA’s comprehensive and flexible device management solution has already carved a niche for itself serving a number of global clientele. It is a native application which executes in abstract mode, which looks after monitoring and managing mobile devices from a web based administration panel. With a focus on Android based mobile / tablet devices, the MDM solution helps in effective management, scrutiny and supervision of mobile devices. It can initially be loaded through over-the-air mechanism on the mobile devices with a registration on the back office server.


Value Added Solutions with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution

The best of this solution can be extracted, tested and implemented along with SPEC INDIA’s popular solutions:

SPEC INDIA, from its bouquet of enterprise business offerings and with its stringent quality standards, has been servicing a wide spread elite clientele all across the globe. Visit and request a FREE DEMO to know more about this solution.


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