N for the Nutty Nougat! The Delicious New Android N!


July 18, 2016


May 2nd, 2023

Nougat is a tricky business to chew and maybe Nutella would have been easier gulping down, but Android Nougat it is!

Android N

The first beta release of Android N 7.0 during Google I/O on May 18, 2016, drew up a lot of discussions as usual and triggered conjuring on the name and so much so this time on that Google even had their own little online competition to get names starting with N for the new Android N!

Google I/O is known to bring sweet surprises to all for Android app development!

Android App Development

Going back in time from the alphabet N to C we have a Déjà vu with mouthwatering treats to savor!

Android App

Android Nougat It is

Just as always, Google power packs this new version of Android to offer an engaging and satisfying user experience, in its own sweet style. It also gears up to make virtual reality real for all.

The mouth-watering Nougat justifies why Android is the most popular mobile platform of all, including enterprises that believe that Android app development makes them go places.

At the Google, I/O – 2016 keynote, Google announced a beta-quality Android N with a focus on virtual reality, performance, security, and productivity.

D is for Daydream

Google launches the biggest change to Android ever; a native virtual reality platform Daydream to support and enable apps and solutions for VR. It is all set to support popular trending headsets like Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and also Google’s very own Cardboard.


Immersive and engaging user experience is awaited on newer phones coming up and surely on Google’s new 2016 Nexus phone.

S is for Security

Google beefs up security in the new Android with trustworthy approaches

  • File-based encryption
  • Media structure hardening
  • Flawless updates

P is for Productivity

Google focuses on productivity by improving the efficiency of the user in multiple ways.

  • Multi-Tasking

Quick Switch and Multi-Window are the two techniques that bring multitasking to Android.

Multi Tasking

Google announced this feature way back in March this year and brought Android into the league that supports multiple windows. Splitting the home display into two parts, this feature will be activated by selecting the multi-window mode.

With this, the screen splits into two halves and the other half displays a rotating carousel of recent apps. The primary app and secondary app to be used can then be selected.

Going one step further Picture in Picture feature is geared up to allow users to watch videos inside a small window pinned to a corner.

  • Direct Reply

One of the most exciting features for users of Android Nougat is Direct Reply to messages, emails and other communications from the notification bar.

  • Clear Apps

A nightmare for all users, unused apps lurking in the background, eating up on battery life and the data packs are open apps. With the new Android, the apps which are not used for a while get automatically removed by the Clear all button at the top of the recent apps menu.

  • Notifications

Google redesigns Notifications by enabling it with Quick Reply.

  • Quick Toggles

Android N also introduces the Quick Toggles which from the secondary menu activates Hotspot, Data Savings, and other options quickly and with reduced navigations.

  • Launcher Shortcuts

The Android N launcher undergoes changes and now the shortcuts to applications are available avoiding the need to actually navigate all the way to the app for frequent actions like composing a message or emails.

  • Settings

Suggestions for frequently used operations are available on the top of the screen at all times like check storage capacity, data usage, current Wi-Fi network and more, making it a quick way to do things.

P is also for Performance

  • Vulkan

Android N comes with Vulkan, a brand new API for mobile and embedded devices, making them more efficient and productive. An alternative to Direct X12, Vulkan is the successor to Open GL and condenses the app code size by 50 percent which consumes very less storage space and the new compiler app installs 75-percent faster.

A confirmed rage today, Vulkan is certainly a smart move by Google with Android N.

  • The Latest Android Always


Android N will download upgrades in the background, avoiding user interventions to download. This way, the latest version would always be ready to go.

A is for Apps

Allo, the new messaging app and Duo the video calling app make their debut.

Allo becomes more than a simple messaging app and incorporates techniques for intelligent web searches or carrying out tasks within the conversations. Duo too makes it interesting for the users by showing a preview of the caller before picking up a call.

Android Application Development Company

On a Parting Note

Android Vs Apple, Android Vs Windows; is a never-ending discussion. The popularity of Android is quite unchallenged and the increasing number of apps that keep coming in on the Google Play Store is more than proof. Oracle too keeps up its efforts to keep Android app development companies happy by announcing to use open JDK for Android N.

Android has a long way to go. Already on N, Z is far away; but what beyond Z?

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