.NET Framework .Net Core
Build for Windows Build for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
A few components of the .Net Framework are open source. .NET is a free and open-source framework
Used for both desktop and web apps. .Net Core doesn’t support the desktop application development
Supports Web Forms, Web API, Web Pages, and MVC Verizon, Vodafone, American Airlines, GroupOn, Volvo, Unilever, Macy’s, Cleveland Clinic, etc
Develop with Visual Studio using C#, VB, F# Develop with Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio Code using C# or F#
Lags in Performance Great performance than the .NET framework.
Can be considered low in scalability and performance in comparison to the .NET framework. High scalability and performance because of the architecture.
Mature Framework Open-source and Cross-Platform framework
Does not allow the construction and deployment of microservices .NET Core allows and supports microservices.
Build server-based web apps, enterprise-grade apps Builds modern, cloud-based apps
Has an edge in terms of security due to the Code access security feature No Code access security is available  in the .NET core
Runs on .NET Framework Runs on both .NET Framework and .NET Core
No support for mobile app development. Some support for mobile app development.