Parameters Next js React js
  • A framework on top of the React library that simplifies the app development process
  • Pre-rendering, faster developer compilation, Automated building size optimization
  • A library ideal for creating user interfaces and provides scripts for user interface
  • Routing, extensible, and State management patterns with libraries such as Redux
  • Next.js on GitHub
  • 93.8k stars
  • 20.6k forks
  • 1.3k watching
  • React.js on GitHub
  • 97.5k stars
  • 25.4k forks
  • 1.9k watching
Ideal Use Cases Ideal for server-side rendering and static websites, Marketing websites, eCommerce stores, blogs, landing pages Ideal for user interfaces for Single Page Applications, News sites, delivery platforms, SaaS tools, online streaming
Server-side Rendering Supports Server-side rendering Does not support Server-side rendering
Ease of Learning Needs prior React knowledge to learn Easy to learn
Offline Support Does not need offline support Needs offline support
Scope of applications Can create a complete web application Can create an effective user interface
Index.html file No index.html file in a public folder since it is created based on requirements index.html file available in a public folder oversees the whole application
Speed and Ease of Coding Writing less code and hence easy to adapt and follow Effective coding with the help of CRA
Performance Faster performance with server-side rendering Good performance but not as fast as Next.js
Configuration Capabilities Easily configurable Not very configurable
Maintenance Easy to maintain with updates Needs to be updated on releases
Language JavaScript/TypeScript JavaScript/TypeScript
IThird-Party API Support Can have third-party API through API routes More focus on user interface creation
Talent Pool Narrow talent pool Huge talent pool
Community and Documentation Support Smaller and growing developer community with precise documentation Large developer community support with effective documentation