No, not Pink, It is Rose Gold. The iPhone 6S is here!!

  • Posted on : September 17, 2015
  • Modified: March 2, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : iOS

A pink phone is a dream come true for a female iPhone enthusiast, sorry Rose Gold. I like to stick to pink, which is more instinctive for me rather than the shiny yellow metal reminding me of the unnecessary holes I burn in my pocket now and then.

Without being inclined towards the feminine angle, let me make my stand clear. I only got carried away with the pink thing. But there is an iphone for all. iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S; Space Silver, Gold, Rose Gold – Apple keeps all of us enticed with equal fervor!

In the usual fanfare on the very special “Hey Siri” event on the September 9 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, Apple once again proves how it is not only a class apart, there is no one even in sight, as far as the race for making technology beautiful counts. Apple announced and previewed the Watch OS2, Apple TV with App Store & Siri Remote and tvOS. iPad Pro the iOS9 update and the only thing I was eagerly waiting for – the iPhone 6S.

And who knew about the colors beforehand? But, it is not only about the colors. iPhone 6S has loads to boast about!

iPhone 6S

Designs to Die for

The endless debate between Designs Vs Technology ends with Apple getting at least my psychology right! Both is the answer. Why even touch a gadget not worth looking at? Design and appeal to entice the mind, and a happy mind for a worthy user experience!

Beneath the beautiful colors – space gray, silver, and gold and now the Rose Gold, the iPhone 6S enclosure is made from the new alloy of 7000 Series aluminum the one used in the aerospace industry. The long-lasting, strong glass cover proves that at Apple, Design has it all – beauty, purpose and sense.

Technology at its Best

Getting to the more technical stuff, the iPhone 6S beats a desktop computer at its own game. It offers us 70 percent faster CPU performances and 90 percent better speed for Graphics based applications and games. Powered by the custom-designed 64-bit A9 chip, Apple once again proves how Technology and Design are meant to complement each other.

3D Touch

The first ever Apple introduced the world to Touch, forever changing the way we experience technology. Progressing from Touch to Multi-touch and Force-Touch with every new Apple Device, Apple now announces 3D Touch.

With 3D Touch, we do things that were never possible before. Sensing how much pressure is applied to the display, 3D touch introduces us to two new gestures Peek and Pop along with the Multi-Touch Tap, Swipe and Pinch. Sensing the subtle taps and presses, we can now peek with soft touches at things like emails, pictures and more before actually opening them with Pop, the stronger touches.

Quick Actions, is just the thing for all of us in a hurry achieved by the 3D technology. Doing things in faster and fewer steps is a dream come true for everyone racing against time!

iSight Camera

I did chuck my digital cameras, once I set my equation with my iPhone ages ago. And with the latest entrant, iPhone 6S, we hear better and more. The iSight camera gets more into details and sharpness. The Selfie rage catches up with Apple too! The iPhone 6S will click selfies as good as a portrait with the all-new 5-megapixel FaceTime HD camera. Live Photos capturing the moments just before and after the picture gives motion to the pictures making them more than real. The 4K videos surpass HD videos only to prove me right. I really don’t need a camera anymore!

Apple Pay and Touch ID

Apple Pay, the special wallet launched at the WWDC 2014 is now accepted at over 1 million stores in the US and the UK as well as the participating apps. Besides the big names, Apple Pay is accessible to small and medium size businesses for use as well, using the Reader. It works with all major credit networks too. This Contactless payment option from Apple is not only with the iPhone 6S, but also the newer iPads and of course the Apple Watch.

iOS 9 with iPhone 6S

iOS9 announced at the WWDC 2015, truly claimed to be the most advanced, intelligent, and secure mobile operating system in the world powers the latest in the iPhones. The suave built in apps and the enhancements in the standard features ensures that this operating system retains its enviable position in the mobile technologies. Add to it the various treats available on the App Store, the Apple is a complete feast.

So Which iPhone Is Yours?

Features Of iPhone 6S

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