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April 6, 2017

Debates regarding different type of apps and their purposes are hot and big. Serious deliberations about uses of mobiles by people of all types of interests help app development companies strategize across industries to offer exemplary user experiences to the workforce, vendors and partners besides of course the quintessential customers of the apps.

In an open market place, an app has a huge competition and companies have a big task on hand to ensure growing downloads, in app conversions and healthy ratings on the store. Sustainable mobile apps need a loyal following which is the most difficult of all the jobs.  Interesting services like the Azure Mobile Engagement evolve & mature.

Studies say that more than a whooping ninety percent of apps on a person’s mobile are never used after download. They simply fail to impress the user. Mobile app saturation becomes a huge point of concern.

Mobile App Engagement

Engagement for User Retention
Methods to Increase the Mobile App Engagement


To reach sufficient mobile app engagement & retention rates is a tough call. User abandonment is a severe matter of concern and the chances that a user who abandoned the app returns to the app again are rare. However, a good amount of intuitive methodologies assist and increase both engagement & retention which is very important in creating a loyal user following.

Simple & Easy Onboarding

User Onboarding is the simplest of the orientation exercises given to a first-time user. The critical balance between technology and a pleasing UX is instrumental in the success of the mobile app. Undue flaunting of technology overwhelms the user but a well-designed onboarding experience increases the comfort level of the user of the app.

Through a flawless onboarding experience, abandonment rates can be considerably reduced. The trickiest part of using the app is beginning to use the app.

Do’s & Don’ts of Onboarding

  • User onboarding should take the user through the app, showcasing the features and uncomplicated, easy methodologies to use these
  • A detailed tour of the app proves confusing for basic user and onboarding should instead focus on the bird’s eye view of the app rather than the nitty gritties
  • User onboarding strategies should be interactive and guide the user throughout the application in an inviting manner
  • At the end of the exercise a snapshot of the detailed features can be given to keep the curiosity of the user alive

Engaging Beyond the Install

Mobile app development companies comprehend & determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) to integrate user expectations to deliver engaging apps that ultimately drive the business.

A continuous insight into the app user behaviors and the activities helps adapting the to user expectations keeping up the user engagement. Appropriate personalization tactics & notifications are automated through thoughtful analytics and Real-time analytics on the other hand automatically trigger in-app messaging or push notifications to keep up the interest. Logical A/B testing helps discover what works the best for the audience.

Engaging Beyond the Install

Push Notifications

To raise user retention by enormous percentages push notifications are indispensable. They keep reminding users about the downloaded app. Sending messages based on behavioral data & preferences effectively leads to encourage usage.

By giving users incentives for using the app can go a long way to drive engagement & retention.

Typical Push Notifications

  • Specialized Content Access
  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Special Promotions

Mobile App Personalization

Personalization leads to more exclusive & relevant experiences becoming the magic mantra today. Customizing the app showcase & communications to the predicted user behavior keeps the users fruitfully interested and methodically occupied.

  • Increased Sales
    • By forcing the users into lengthy navigation there is a certain loss of interests & attention.
    • Mature apps avoid saturating the users by providing relevant experiences to boost the performance of the intended service or product
  • Justified Renewals
    • Another common factor for putting off the users is renewal processes for subscription based apps
    • User retention goes beyond keeping users occupied with the content and into ease of communication as well.
    • Simple renewal processes with minimal form filling with personalized offers increases the chances of repeat customers manifolds.
  • Builds Multi-Channel Loyalty
    • The users need to be engaged seamlessly by app development companies on their choice of channels keeping in mind the changing lifestyles today.
    • Techniques like Big Data & Analytics assist the generation of user profiles to personalize the apps for a satisfied user base across the channels.
  • Facilitates Personalized Onboarding
    • Going beyond simple orientation, personalized onboarding increases app awareness and the upcoming changes expected in accordance with the user behavior.
    • Personalized onboarding takes the simple onboarding to the next level.

Periodic Upgrades to Apps

Irrespective of the age of the app; new or mature, the app feature list is highly recommended to be iterative. Tracking the user behaviors through Analytics offer practical indications to the app developer companies for updating the app experiences, adapting to the expectations and adding on useful features.

Thoughtful deliberation keeping in account the insights generated help the companies derive right roadmaps for the app.

In a Nutshell


App engagement & user retention stands are of far greater importance than user acquisitions at least when the app is starting out for an app development company. A loyal user base goes a long way in promoting the app indirectly thus promising quick RoIs. Mobile development companies are on a constant vigil to keep the users engaged & satisfied.

Rules Of Thumb To Increase App Usage And User Retention

Rule of Thumbs

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