A Radical Revolution in eCommerce Industry, Thanks to Technology


April 18, 2017


May 1st, 2023

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The Internet has taken the world by storm. Not only is it a highly valuable means of communication, it also is the best source of information for many enterprises. Enterprises find most of the desired information from the web and are trying their best to execute this business through the Internet and garner maximum profit and business. eCommerce is the magic wand that has assisted business enterprises to strive in the market and contribute heavily to the economic success of any business along with enhanced opportunities, competitiveness and profitability. Initially, custom eCommerce development was adapted and implemented by large enterprises only which are no longer true. It is being wholeheartedly implemented by small to medium companies too. And, the one factor that has contributed heavily in the success of eCommerce is the Technology development. With eCommerce trends all set to skyrocket ROI in this year, opportunities for all types of businesses are growing manifold owing to the innovative technological developments.

The effect that technology is having on the shopping cart development market is far tougher and quicker than before. It’s a mutual relationship between the eCommerce business and the clients – both look for quick responses and smooth navigation and that is where technology bridges the gap between the two to bring about the best of business online. Business has gone a level ahead with technology boosting the parameters necessary to garner profitability and productivity. Take a look at the way mCommerce development is overtaking eCommerce. With the help of various novel technological impacts, both, the eCommerce business owners as well as the clients are benefitting in their own zones. Clients now have ways and means to find out prices, alternative resources, different stores and discounts / promotional offers. Business owners can contact and connect with clients in a much more systematic and detailed manner.

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How is Technology Acting as a Power Booster and Affecting eCommerce Business?

  • Mobile Apps are In Heavy Demand

Mobility is the word today. Mobile apps have taken the market by storm and are providing the retailers a golden chance to connect with their existing / new clients with detailed knowledge about what the client wants, likes and may need in future. No longer is the geographical location of stores important, everything is just a click away. Business can be done sitting anywhere, anytime. Notifications about deliveries, promotional schemes, discounts, new arrivals, brand you are looking for and more are some of the many features that retailers are able to provide to their clients because of this wonderful technology called mobility.

  • Clients Look Forward to Do Business with Business Owners

Technology has transformed the entire thinking style of retailers and consumers. Earlier, it was only the business owners who used to think business and pursue it all the time. Now, with technology advancements, it is both ways round. Clients also look forward to doing business with their preferred enterprises because they are able to perceive, analyze and choose what they want at their desired location and time. Earlier, emails / notifications used to be neglected or deleted, now they are taken up more seriously since they are devoted to the likes / dislikes of a particular client and not generic to all. That makes the client feel special and wanted. Enterprises are vigilant enough to keep their clients updated with the sales and promotions being offered by the organization.

  • Personalized Client Feel is the Key to More Business

To make the client feels special and wanted has been the crux of any business since ages, but achieving them was next to impossible till the technological magic wand moved over. And now, it is quite an achievable task to let your clients see their own choices, analyze their pros and cons and choose what they particularly want. The mobility age has shortened the gap between what the retailers offer and what the client actually needs. Novel client based standards are set which see to it that finally, the customer should be happy and satisfied. To a great extent, social media integration has also played a key role is achieving this personalized feel by connecting closely with customers, retailers and brands.

  • Quicker Delivery, Lesser Prices is the Mantra Today

After all, service with appropriate costing is what the customer is looking for. However much variety and ease of use you highlight, the fundamental need to satisfy any consumer is faster delivery with the best budgeted rates. That is what attracts them the most. And thanks to technology, eCommerce business has speeded up its activities by a great margin and is also venting out most conservative rates so as to attract the best of business. The best of eCommerce retailers are all bent upon achieving the goal of fastest delivery with negligible price difference.

  • A Productive & Positive Boost to Startup / Small Businesses

Technology has penetrated deep down businesses, facilitating startups and small organizations to showcase their talent, vision and prove their mettle by starting up fresh business and making it grow in the mobile savvy world. Owing to sheer peer competition, consumers are getting the benefit of a huge amount of variety through technology evolutions like shopping cart development, cloud technology, mCommerce app development, BI & Big Data, IoT, Location based services, Augmented Reality and much more.

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