What is it that raised the Excitement Level at Google I/O 2017?


June 9, 2017

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Hasn’t Google always managed to allure and excite its users? One such medium, which annually, succeeds in increasing the loyalties of Google, is its annual developer festival – Google I/O conference. Amongst aplomb and excitement all the way, the products and services that are offered have managed to bring the developers and consumers closer to the Google family of products. With a dynamic CEO driven vision, the tech giant has showcased its futuristic roadmap for its family of products like Android, Google Assistant, Google Home, VR to name a few, with a strong vision on what it is doing, what it plans to do in the near future, in order to woo the developers at its best. The Google I/O 2017 event has recently been conducted at California for about 3 days, gushing in a lot of excitement amongst the developer and consumer community alike. Let us have a look at what exactly have been the highlighting features of this annual conference.

Google IO 2017

7 Key Technical Highlights that Shone in Google I/O 2017

  • Analysis of the World Around You with Google Assistant

Something to really help you analyze, see and understand the world around you – Google Assistant is right here to assist you with the environment around you and showcase relevant information on the screen. Seems like magic though, but it is a fact that this wonderful new technology with the help of Google Lens can pinpoint information about things that are far off or not seemingly possible with naked eyes.

  • Android O is Here to Test and Try

The first beta version of Android O is released now. Though a little early to comment about its features and highlights, being a Google product, there ought to be sure shot successful features attached therewith. There is a lot being said about its showcasing benefits like improvised notifications, picture-in-picture and others.

  • Here Comes Android GO

A novel platform with a stringent focus on optimization of the latest release of Android especially for low cost and low speed devices – Android GO is meant for a special set of loyal Android users and uses less memory and data along with other parallel environmental activities that seamlessly help easy functioning of the devices with this version of Android. Even YouTube has its own set of special offering for these users, from whom the users can download offline videos and watch it later. Coming up next year, every Android O will have a GO version especially for low memory devices. This will surely bring the Android community much closer and will expand its user base rapidly. It has been the CEO’s dream to bring in a huge bulk of new users close to the smartphone technology and that is what is being foreseen with Android GO. Optimizable for devices which are being used on low memory scale and with a set of prohibits on data access, this wonderful innovation is going to be built on Android O and will come with a set of apps that will need comparatively less memory and storage space. It will also have its own devised set of Google Play Store features for developing a world in its own.

  • Making Users Happy with Advanced Google Photos

Google Photos has been one of the most used and liked medium for its users. Now with this conference, comes a new set of features that are soon going to be a part and parcel of Google Photos. Suggested sharing – recommendation to share pictures with recognition with a lot of options available, digital backups, easy creation of printable photobooks even on your phones, removal of unwanted look on the pictures and more are some of the highlights that we look forward to.

  • Support for Daydream and Closer to AR & VR

There was a highly positive announcement which said LG’s coming up phone will support Daydream and Samsung’s Galaxy phones will also support it coming year. There would be entry of a Daydream VR device with independent VR headsets and there will be augmented reality concepts coming up. Coming close to location based services, there will be VPS – Visual Positioning Services, which will assist you in finding out relevant objects in the actual scenario, based on the major feature list points. There are unclear assumptions still but there is a surety of inclusion of the latest technologies in to the Android and Google family.

  • Getting the Real World Closer with Google Lens

Here comes Google Lens offering an in-depth view of the real world with vision related computing capabilities which can identify things around you with its artificial intelligence technology. Certain examples stated by the CEO himself were identification of particular flowers, searching for a relevant restaurant based on parameters etc.

  • Turning Cloud Savvy with the Next Android and AI

There was a clear indication by the CEO in the conference that the organization is leaning towards artificial intelligence and usage of the cloud. Machine learning and usage of AI on the Google platform are the future of tomorrow and that is what is the aim of the company for its end users. It is trying fast to convert its cloud platform into Android for AI.

It sees no end to its success and prosperity and hence Google fans are always eager to watch what more is happening and when.

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