React Native, A New Flavor of Javascripting for Cross platform Mobile App Development!

Javascript evolves and adapts like no other programming language. Designed to be lean & agile, this offshoot of Java though started as a client-side flavor of Java now evolves into a full-stack with the ever-growing options like AngularJS, React and Node.js to mention a few.

And React Native offshoots from React to cater to native, hybrid & cross-platform mobile app development!

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New Age Mobile App Development with React Native

React Native is a framework that allows developers & enterprises to build Javascript-only mobile applications. The design framework is effectively the same as React, empowering developers to reuse declarative components to build beautiful mobile interfaces. React Native is revolutionary in the sense that application design is extremely fast. App reload is pretty much instant, and hot reloading ensures that new code can be deployed without refreshing the application.
React Native ensures that developers are utilizing ground level user interface foundation blocks similar to normal Android or iOS apps. Application design is reused across the platform as developers need not write different code for iOS & Android. A complete cross-platform mobile app development using React Native is almost similar, virtually indistinguishable from an application that is designed in JAVA or Objective-C.

React Native is extremely flexible in the sense that integration is feasible with components coded in Java, Swift or Objective-C. Furthermore, based on organization requirements, developers can build the mobile app partly using React Native, and also leverage native code at the same time for effective application optimization. Facebook is a classic example of this scenario. In fact, React Javascript library is maintained by Facebook & Instagram along with a host of developers & communities.

React Native for Startups to Fortune 500s!

React Native is not just a fancy technology, it has become the backbone of some extremely popular apps globally. In fact, the average internet user cannot imagine a daily dose of the internet without some of the popular React Native apps anymore.

popular React Native apps


React Native powers the primary Facebook app as well as the ads manager. Since launch, Facebook has proved to be the key driver & stakeholder to React Native as a technology.


React Native for Instagram is a widely publicized story. The way it surpasses Javascript in handling gestures makes it a winner all the way.

Instagram Claims

“Developer velocity is a defining value of Instagram’s mobile engineering. In early 2016, we started exploring using React Native to allow product teams to ship features faster through code sharing and higher iteration speeds, using tools like Live Reload and Hot Reloading that eliminate compile-install cycles.”


Another well-known name when one thinks of financial news & global enterprises, Bloomberg has made efficient use of React Native for their consumer app. Bloomberg benefits as they no longer need to spend long refresh cycles updating both Android & iOS apps separately for the application as dynamic as theirs.


The revolutionary app that has become the buzzword for travelers and giving a tough competition to the budget hotel business globally, Airbnb relies on React Native for its hybrid features.


Back home in India, one of the pioneers in the field of online shopping portal Myntra is the best example to demonstrate how React Native can be leveraged to position a delightful user interface/user experience to both iOS & Android apps. Myntra relies a lot on catalog display, order placement, shopping cart like features and user profiles, clearly depicting that the use of React Native is justified.

And More

Other popular names include Walmart, UberEats, Tesla and Gyroscope to list a few. The rate at which React Native adoption is increasing is simply astonishing. In September, Walmart introduced React Native as part of its open source strategy. The sub-division that launched React Native within Walmart are now progressing to design a tool that brings React Native closer to apps already built in iOS / Android with its cross platform as well as hybrid mobile app development approach.

React Native Helps Getting an Edge

And of course, the way React Native gets popular may surprise many, but not without noteworthy reasons.

React Native Helps Getting an Edge-min

Superior Performance

Uniquely, React Native development is suited for hybrid mobile apps considering specific tuning for mobile devices. React Native tends to utilize the GPU, Graphics processing unit, while the traditional hybrid technologies rely on CPU. React Native is truly a better option for cross-platform development as compared to other methods in the past.

Reusability of Code

It goes without saying that the development team only needs to design the app once. Estimates have put code reusability between iOS & Android up to 90% with React Native. Actual effort saving may not be directly 50% but it would still be significant.

Clearly, the organization’s productivity goes up while retaining simplicity in the development platform. The investment in training resources and promoting React Native as the preferred mobile development platform is justified and yields better RoI due to this feature. Certain considerations must be taken for practical implementations while switching code between Android & iOS.

Community Support

While Facebook can be considered the origin point of React Native, a significant amount of support is purely available in the form of open communities. This brings out the true essence of open source development platform, ably supported by a large community of enthusiastic developers & architects.

Today, the community environment has resulted in a huge amount of native developers passionate about sharing their knowledge & experiences, while increasing the catalog of components that are available for free.

Natural Flowing, Modular Architecture

React Native is similar to the original React development platform and hence exhibits similar architecture. A certain level of flexibility can be retained within a team or group of developers as it is easy to collaborate for code or project components.

The efficiency of modular coding ultimately leads to productivity improvement & better team utilization.

Live Refresh

A feature that proves to be a boon for developers, React Native allows the IT team to view the changes to the code instantly without having to reload or restart the app.

One of the most popular&convenient techniques among the development community is to have two windows open – one with the code and another with the application and observe the instantaneous change. This was a feature lacking in previous native frameworks and is another example of how React Native shortens the development cycle in a powerful and effective fashion.

Reacting to the Future of Mobile App Development

While React Native can still be considered in its early stages as compared to well established mobile app frameworks, it is undoubtedly the technology of the future with its focus on cross-platform mobile app development. One of the most important approaches to React Native is that the primary focus is on the user interface. This makes React Native more of a Javascript library and less of a bulky framework resulting in a highly responsive and smooth user interface with improvised app load times as compared to traditional hybrid platforms.

React Native clearly combines desirable features of React.js UI library like DOM abstraction as well as simplified programming techniques which lends it the edge with hybrid mobile app development. Other than the obvious benefits listed, React Native also allows third-party plugin linkage with native modules allowing seamless & quick utilization of plugins.

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