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15 Best React UI Libraries to Speed Up Software Development


June 19, 2023


March 18th, 2024

React UI Libraries

React is a powerful open-source frontend JavaScript library that offers development companies excellent features for developing exclusive interfaces and experiences for high-performance solutions.

Its scalability, adaptability, and flexibility help developers streamline the frontend development process and offer reliable React development services.

React is leveraged worldwide for faster and more effective front-end– development. React UI libraries make development more straightforward and quicker since you don’t need to write the code for them.

The library can be used accordingly with customized options. There are top React UI libraries available, and choosing amongst them is challenging.

This article first glances through the overview of a React UI library and its salient advantages and then takes you through the list of best React UI libraries that are popular in 2024 and so on.

What are React UI Libraries?

React UI libraries are software tools encompassing various components that can be readily utilized in React-based software applications and websites.

These well-designed components could include charts, tables, cards, modals, maps, buttons, etc. These libraries can even customize the look and feel of the components. As React becomes more popular, the usage of UI libraries for React is also increasing.

With these UI component libraries, React developers find it easy and quick to write code for different functionalities like tables, themes, etc., with these UI component libraries. They need not write the entire code from scratch and can easily reuse certain portions. This saves time and effort, helping developers focus on significant tasks. Hence, the total development approach becomes efficient and faster, with a better-quality output.

Key Advantages of Using a React UI Library

  • The faster and more effective development process
  • Attractive user interface
  • Lesser coding with more productive time
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Ease of use for novices
  • Access to multiple components
  • Customization of components

When Should You Use a React UI Library?

React is an effective and robust tool, but creating UI components from scratch is cumbersome. This is where the need for React UI libraries arises since they offer readily usable components, helping developers focus on their work and save time and effort.

Developers also find it difficult to maintain different sources of code. Having UI libraries can help maintain a centralized component version that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Whenever there are varied user requirements and software applications are to be accessed by different browsers, having UI libraries can be of great help. They can fit in apt styles on other devices, manage the support of old browsers, and offer complete cross-browser compatibility.

15 React UI Libraries That Are Popular

  • Ant Design
  • Material UI
  • Fluent UI
  • React Bootstrap
  • Redux
  • React Suite
  • Shards React
  • OnsenUI
  • ThemeUI
  • Evergreen
  • PrimeReact
  • Grommet
  • Blueprint
  • Semantic UI
  • Headless UI

#1 Ant Design

Ant Design is one of the top React UI libraries for enterprise-level applications. It provides comprehensive and flexible global designs with a varied component base. With this library and its associated components, developers can work on a full-sized application, such as an icon, data picker, button, drop-down, etc.

It offers robust theme customization, internationalization support, and simple installation. Developers find a productive and enjoyable experience working with Ant Design. It has around 50+ pre-designed components and packages, templates, and a design kit to develop alluring designs. It supports other React-based third-party libraries.

#2 Material UI

Material UI is considered one of the best UI libraries for React, and it is better known for its speed and simplicity. Developers can quickly create their own designs and get a variety of customizable components. This library offers a variety of APIs and tools for augmenting the look and feel of apps.

Based on Google’s Material Design, this library kit offers fundamental components like a menu, sliders, buttons, badges, tabs, pagination, etc., to customize elements’ size, style, and color. It is a wholly loaded component library that empowers beautiful user interfaces and enhanced accessibility.

#3 Fluent UI

Fluent UI is a robust React UI library powered by Microsoft that consists of pre-designed components like notifications, checkboxes, menus, toolboxes, etc. Developers can gain increased control over their designs and easily access them without any trouble. It works well on various platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, web, and macOS.

It is a cross-platform, open-source tool that follows a simple approach to apply CSS to all the involved elements. Hence, updating one element will not affect the complete style component. It is an intuitive and powerful tool that can be adjusted according to user requirements.

#4 React Bootstrap

Yet another sound React UI library is React Bootstrap, a recreation of Bootstrap. This popular frontend framework retains its Bootstrap core and replaces JavaScript with React to offer increased control over all involved components. There are thousands of Bootstrap themes that can be accessed.

Because of this library, the dependency on jQuery is removed. There are UI creation components for the web and mobile, with which the library works completely and with complete compatibility. Developers need to import individual components instead of the entire library. It assists in minimizing the amount of code that must be sent to the client.

#5 Redux

Redux is one of the well-known UI libraries for React, popular for its predictability, accuracy, and simple interface. Developers need to finalize the required values from the components, and it will be automatically fetched and updated. It has a simple interface that empowers code testing in different situations.

React Redux offers an encapsulation that provides APIs to allow the components to interact directly with the Redux store. It applies performance optimization directly with the re-rendering of components. It has DevTools that find the changes in the app state, make logs and forward error statements using a systematic debugging approach.

#6 React Suite

React Suite is a standard UI library that comes in handy with modern apps for customized themes and a mixture of icons, colors, etc. It is a known frontend tool with components for the backend and middle layer platforms. It offers support for all major browsers, such as Sarai, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

It encompasses a suite of React components, sensible UI design, and a friendly development experience. It is designed and implemented on modernized desktop browsers rather than mobile browsers. It supports server-side rendering and Next.js when creating applications.

#7 Shards React

Shards React is a popular dashboard library for handling data chunks from different blogging platforms. It has a simple-to-use interface based on Material Design and Font Awesome. Developers can create a wide range of dashboards, web portals, and mobile apps for various industry segments.

There are customizable components that can help with data visualization and management from any platform. As an open-source library, it offers faster performance and the capability to download source files for altering code. The component library is based on Shards and has pre-designed pages to start.

#8 OnsenUI

OnsenUI is an open-source UI library for HTML5 hybrid mobile app development based on Apache Cordova. It makes your web app feel native and is designed to offer users a mobile-like experience. It has features that offer the user interface experience of native Android and iOS devices.

It best uses JavaScript and HTML5, integrating well with other frameworks like Vue, Angular, and React. Custom elements can help in the detailed execution of components. There is a unified source code that functions well in both – iOS and Android. This library simulates page transitions and animations and provides ripple effects.

#9 ThemeUI

ThemeUI is a popular React UI library for building theme-based user interfaces based on constraint-based design fundamentals. Developers can customize base components, create design systems and web applications, and create newer themes as needed.

It is an ideal choice for web development. It empowers users to style MDX content and seamlessly integrates with current systems and component libraries. It offers mobile-first responsive designs, theming designs, and custom hooks. Developers can easily refer to values from themes through the application.

#10 Evergreen

Powered by Segment, Evergreen is one of the top React UI libraries known for its countless composability. It was created on top of React UI Primitive. It is apt for creating exemplary applications on the web. There are around 30+ components that come with attractive and usable patterns like buttons, colors, typography, etc.

It creates incredible software applications through a flexible design system with countless configuration capabilities. Evergreen has two themes—one is the default, and one is classic. Installation of Evergreen’s UI package is fast and easy. There is a rich collection of guides, plug-ins, kits, etc.

#11 PrimeReact

PrimeReact is one of the best React UI libraries leveraged by organizations worldwide. It contains about 90 components, 280 UI elements, and customizable templates that can be easily used to build a user interface. It speeds up front-end- design, and development with custom themes, application templates, and responsive components.

There is a GUI-driven theme designer and a visual designer that can be updated as needed. Developers can choose the look and feel of current libraries or create one themselves. Some of its salient features are Captcha, Organization chart, TreeSelect, Terminal, etc. There is also an icon library with over 200 icons.

#12 Grommet

Grommet is one of the best UI libraries for React, and it streamlines app development. With a varied component library, developers can create accessible and responsive mobile-first apps for the web. It is known for its modularity, responsiveness, accessibility, and lightweight, making it a developer’s delight.

A Grommet Design Kit has drag-and-drop and theming tools, making layout design easy and enjoyable. It showcases features such as app templates, icons, sticker sheets, etc. It is ideal for implementing a comprehensive design system for responsive mobile-first web projects.

#13 Blueprint

Blueprint is an open-source, React-based UI toolkit for the web. It is designed to create complicated data-intensive interfaces for desktop applications. It divides component libraries based on use cases and other dependencies. It is developer-friendly since it has multiple components and modules.

To suit their needs, developers can leverage CSS and customize components like datetime, table, time zone, etc. There are 300+ icons and options like buttons, breadcrumbs, tags, dividers, callouts, navbars, etc. It can easily be installed via npm in the command prompt. It comes with light and dark mode themes with changeable design elements.

#14 Semantic UI

Semantic UI is one of the leading UI libraries for React, known for its salient features and developer friendliness. Developers tend to obtain a customized library version by integrating React with Semantic UI. There is no virtual DOM, and there are multiple customizable elements.

It uses HTML to develop the framework, seamlessly integrated with other frameworks like Angular, React, Ember, etc. It empowers developers to load any CSS theme on top of the Semantic UI React app. It offers features such as an auto-controlled state, augmentation, a shorthand syntax for passing props, and easy installation.

#15 Headless UI

As one of the wanted React UI libraries, Headless UI is an entirely accessible UI component library that executes well with Tailwind CSS. Some commonly utilized components here are Autocomplete, Modal, Toggle Switch, etc. There is a comprehensive API for accessibility and transition.

This UI component library can separate the app logic from visual components and hence is a good provision for creating the user interface for your application. Developers can build applications with ease without having to leave HTML. It is a utility-based CSS library that has many classes.

The Closing Note

React has been a developer’s delight, and leveraging leading React UI libraries is an apt way to garner the best results in terms of faster and more effective performance. As you go through the above-mentioned best UI libraries for React, finalizing which one to choose becomes challenging.

These UI libraries for React are a great way to create attractive and robust interfaces for software applications and websites. They will make a developer’s life easy by allowing faster creation of features and designs without extensive coding time and customization of components.

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