Parameters React React Native
Initial Release 2013 2015
Focus Area Mainly for web development Targets mobile apps and cross-platform app development
Developers Meta and Community Meta and Community
Platform Web Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, UWP, VR
Type Library Application Framework
App Performance JavaScript library for web Close to native apps
Development Model Free and Open-source Free and Open-Source
UI rendering DOM Platform-specific APIs
Security Optimum Low
Learning Curve Steep Easy
Code Reusability Due to virtual DOM Cross-platform and provides maximum reusability by partially sharing the code between platforms
Used By Uber, Yahoo, Airbnb, Facebook, Shopify, Amazon, Udemy, Pinterest, Netflix, and many more Instagram, Facebook, Coinbase, Tableau, Oculus, FlipKart, Discord, Skype, Tesla, Bloomberg, Walmart,, Salesforce, and so on.