Restaurant App Development – Because Good Eating Starts with a Good App

Technology touches every aspect of life becoming an indispensable tool for all sorts of businesses. The industry is talking about enterprise resource planning, mobile applications, web based software and integrated systems for all. Software becomes a mandate for all – small, medium and large. The SMEs take the plunge too into this contemporary need.

Restaurant Mobile Application

Restaurants, food joints, eateries could even be smaller than the smallest of the enterprises one would generally discuss. But, inspite of that we see Mobile Application development for restaurants becoming common. Participating in search and discovery services like the very popular Zomato to be easily accessible to their patrons virtually, offers added advantages to this business. Some eateries prefer both; have their own app and also participate in a cartel service.

Restaurant App Development

So then, the story does not remain simple anymore. The days of only ordering food through these apps are long gone by. Apps for restaurant go beyond this to analyze the behaviour of the users, give suggestions, send reminders for bookings on important days, store loyalty points making use of new age technology like Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, IoT and mobiles.

Once patrons are in the restaurant or in the vicinity, the sensor based techniques integrated with the solutions take charge. We hear of beacons for restaurants and other services enticing the customers more than ever. In restaurant management from table to kitchen and back to the table too relies heavily on customized or off the shelf software for restaurant.

A Digital Change Revolutionizing Restaurants

Software for restaurants graduate from being the desktop, to online to mobile based versions today. The feature list is driven by the expectations of the users, both the owners of the restaurant as well as the visitors. This feature list keeps modernizing itself using the contemporary technology available with ease to all. The increasing affordability and practicality of the tools and gadgets makes it easy to make mobile apps for restaurant usable.

Interesting Facts & Predictions

Restaurant Application Development

The features catered to are interesting and indispensable.

Order Taking

Order taking as we all know commences in various formats today. Online orders or mobile based orders using apps is a second skin to most today. Order taking has been radically changed by technology so much so that the face-to-face orders too become a part of the app and restaurants give mobiles to waiters to narrate their orders into the system and sync with the kitchen and back; all a part of the integrated software solution.

Pre Order & Reservations

Allowing the customers to Pre order or ordering before reaching the restaurant and making reservations before actually reaching the restaurant improves the speed at which they can be served and improves the table space utilization of the restaurant tremendously.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a buzzword today and touches all domains and industries. Keeping in touch with the customers was never simpler than now for restaurateurs.

A good sync with the patrons allows the food joints to keep their customers updated on offers and deals. A smart software takes care of promo codes shared with the clients and also keeps track of the coupons earned. It streamlines the integration of all these privileges during the billing process. Restaurants can other hand personalize marketing and promotion plans with prudent workflow design of the software. Social media value adds to the usability of this new age software.


Access through mobile apps for restaurants allows the customers to keep giving their feedbacks anytime from anywhere. Social media is a powerful tool prudently made a part of the feedback workflows.

Find a Restaurant & Location Based Services

GPS enabled smartphones of the users help them to locate restaurants of interest in the vicinity. Very useful especially while travelling to lesser known places, such features can be modified and remodified to make locating restaurants completely stress free. Thoughtful filters for restaurants based on cuisine, timings, offers and popularity charts make the restaurant cartels popular as well.

In Restaurant Technology

Integration of sensor based techniques like the beacons into the restaurant software simply means that the user experience when very close to the joint or once inside becomes meaningful to the user.

A visitor can be guided to the table of choice, given recommendations based on earlier visits and much more coupling the intelligent beacons and ibeacons into the mobile apps for restaurants.

Fun While You Wait

This is a progression from the pen and paper puzzles laid out on restaurant tables and transferring games to the mobile phones of the users while they wait to be served is in. Sending interesting information about the upcoming events and other juicy bits of news keeps up the interest of the visitor.

Popular Apps – Order, Eat, Enjoy

Big names indulge in restaurant app development and reap the benefits of technology.


Besides the other features, Chipotle’s app allows cutting the line by ordering ahead of time. Chipotle the famous Mexican cuisine giant also forays into gaming by launching “Chipotle Scarecrow” to promote its advertisement of responsibly raised meat and fresh vegetables with a game that can earn all-star players a free burrito in stores.



  • Order your food quickly from your phone. No waiting in line.
  • Pay with a credit card or Chipotle gift card.
  • Find the nearest Chipotle
  • Find all Chipotle locations, even those that are coming soon.

Use your Chipotle account to access all your favorite and recent orders, and save your payment info. See menu, nutrition, & allergy information



Starbucks most definitely comes across as the number one downloaded app of all restaurant apps. Not only can the customers pay for the food & drink, find stores and track rewards, enthusiasts create custom drinks and the ones in the USA get to pick and listen to popular songs too. The chain allows customers to order before they get to the store.


PizzaHut app is the simplest of them all. Pizza profiles store order histories and other recommendations to make ordering simple and straight.


Pizza Hut

  • Added ability to reorder with only 5 clicks
  • The full Pizza Hut menu offers all your favorite deals, specialty pizzas, pastas, drinks, sides, desserts and limited time offers.
  • Guest checkout allows you to order without having to create an account.
  • Fast access to new products and local deals.
  • Place future orders up to 7 days in advance.
  • Find Pizza Hut locations near
  • Ordering functionality is for U.S. residents only
  • Pay with cash, credit card or gift card


McDonald’s app integrates a rewards program and mobile ordering complement each other. Ordering from the app will be easy for the customers and sales is projected to increase



  • Get exclusive offers and redeem them right from the app
  • Browse the menu and get nutrition information
  • Find your nearest McDonald’s restaurant location


iRestaurant From SPEC INDIA


SPEC INDIA pioneers in mobile application development for restaurant with iRestaurant. This app helps in branding and promoting a restaurant or chain of restaurants with a web enabled CMS. Customers of the restaurant can online order food with options of Pickup, Home Delivery and Dine-in. With multi lingual support and integration to credit cards and payments through PayPal; iRestaurant is easily customizable to suit restaurants across the world. Compatibility with iOS and Android makes it more acceptable.

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