Retail Mobile App Development for Shopping at its Best

The pace at which preferences change and the market adapts, are the two most important reasons to make available practical mobile apps for the retail industry, just as all other industries. Add to it the advantages of easy availability of technology, communication networks and mobile devices satisfy these expectations meeting the needs of the modern society.

Retail mobile app development takes a center stage and e-Commerce evolves into m-commerce a completely new-commerce, turning retailing into a comprehensive service to suit consumers with various preferences related to devices used outside and inside the brick & mortar stores.

Retail Mobile App Development

The mobile apps available for the Retail Industry clearly target both the ends of the spectrum. The consumers as well as the retailer themselves.

Retail Apps, Both for the Consumer & the Retailer

Retail Apps

The Changing Retail Industry

The Retail Industry comes face to face with a revolution in technology; both hardware and software and make the best of it by offering comprehensive solutions combining the powers of blended approaches like Retail Analytics, Cloud, BYOD, Social Media and Mobile Technologies.

The Changing Buying Habits

A modern day consumer needs to have multiple options handy. Mobile devices make it possible to evaluate and compare various brands & stores with ease and convenience. Add to it the anytime anywhere approach, the flexibility offered by this method of shopping is complete.

Using the Mobile Apps Anytime-Anywhere

Using Mobile App

The Changing Marketing Tactics

Contemporary marketing techniques like the beacons based proximity marketing to grab attention of the patrons and the social media based marketing are facilitated better with mobile devices on hand.

Mobile apps for Retail are used for pushing appropriate notifications related to offers, upcoming events like sales and other information when the consumer is away. When on premise, notifications navigating consumers to areas of interest offer completely personalized user experiences using mobile apps.

Technology Support for Retail Mobile Apps Solutions

The recent increase in the popularity of mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android and Windows and the easy availability of devices powered by these, revolutionize the way the consumer perceives the shopping experiences. A Huge increase in the versatility & popularity of mobile platforms and the various technology leveraged along with these apps improvises the shopping experiences of all.


Beacons, becoming a backbone for customer relationship management need no introduction. Put in use at the malls and stores, these tiny devices redefine proximity based marketing and give a thrust to personalized marketing like none other with the appropriate push notifications both in store and away. Paired with the appropriate mobile apps, this technology has been the most talked about in 2016.

Augmented Reality

Enhancing the reality with the additional information about the products and schemes while in-store with messages, audios & superimposed images; augmented reality puts to use the availability of mobile devices in the best possible ways.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments offer the customer an unparalleled convenience. The ability to pay without cash or now even a plastic card. With convenient features like the biometric driven Apple Pay and Google Pay blended in into the retail mobile apps, the customer experiences metamorphose completely.


These two-dimensional bar codes integrate into modern retailing, offering customers the facility to scan the codes to view price, offers, discounts and additional information related to the products. In a DIY format, the customers check on various brands, sign up for emailers and regular information or even make purchases directly.


Geolocation is a technique needed to support various other technologies too like AR to pinpoint the location of the consumers for advertising relevant products and offers of the stores in the vicinity. Add to it the retail analytics information, targeted marketing gets a whole new meaning with geo-location enabled apps.

Single Touch Plastic Card Scanning

Smartphones read the details on a plastic card simply with a single touch and feed this into the appropriate apps. The history of the transactions conducted with these card is easily available with the card.

The Very Important Pros & Cons of Integrating Mobile Retail Apps

The two sides of coin as always, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons in this case which need to be taken more as words of caution.

The Brighter Side

        • Since people are spending an increasing amount of time with the apps, specialized retail mobile apps definitely increase the visibility of brands, maintaining prominence in the market place
        • Apps mean easy connectivity with the customers increasing customer retention & loyalty, giving an impetus to assured sales
        • Retail apps in conjunction with retail analytics offer personalized customer experiences, a completely new approach to marketing
        • Retail apps constantly capture data and build important statistics related to user preferences and shopping histories
        • Apps are easier to access and offer more flexibility in terms of viewing catalogues, ordering and paying

Words of Caution

      • Native or cross-platform is an unconcluded debate ever since. Retail businesses need to employ the correct consultants to be guided through this battle of platforms and either have specific apps for each iOS, Android & Windows or a cross-platform app catering to all with equal justice
      • The Retail businesses need to have powerful Analytics features to be blended in to make the most of these modern techniques
      • The features of the retail app need to be evaluated and included with a mature balance to make sure that unnecessary features do not increase the cost of the app & the time taken to develop it
      • Periodic reviews & revisions to the app are also necessary to cater to the updates in the operating systems of the mobile devices

In a Nutshell

Mobile apps completely change the ways of doing things across domains and industries including the Retail Industry.

SPEC INDIA offers contemporary mobile apps to blend in into enterprise systems to offer one stop solutions for conducting business. Integrated with trending techniques like beacons, AR, Cloud and social media, retail mobile app development solutions become more than indispensable.

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