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August 19, 2016


January 3rd, 2023

Nothing less than an automated log book of sorts, vehicle tracking system keeps a watchful eye on everything; the fleet, the drivers, the cargo and the passengers alike. This system turns into a versatile idea that could be implemented in any industry wanting to keep a check on the on-goings on the field.

The growing importance of this concept brings out interesting ideas and GPS vehicle tracking systems roll out other innovative use cases making it a most watched out for concept.

Logistics operations co-ordinate, synchronize and transport both raw-material and finished goods between the corresponding locations. They can easily be classified as one of the most unpredictable exercises undertaken many a times.

Operating in diverse conditions; catering to a diverse clientele right from Retail, FMCG, Courier Services, Schools, Hospitals, Emergency Services right up to something as risky as the Rescue Operations and the Armed Forces; logistics operations certainly need constant monitoring and security at all times. A vehicle tracking software powered by GPRS value adds to enterprise solutions for Logistics in the most conducive manner.



Features for a Vehicle Tracking Software customized for a Logistics Company

The feature list for a VTS complementing Logistics setup is a little more than demanding.

Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle monitoring is the key to a comprehensive VTS. Putting all vehicles under a scanner helps keep them safe and secure with expected behaviors.

        • Real time visibility of vehicle co-ordinates
        • Monitoring speeds & fuel status
        • Ensuring authorized use of vehicle
        • Keeping check on vehicle health
        • Notifications like alarms & alerts for violations
        • Ensuring security and protection for drivers, vehicles & assets

Vehicle Mapping

A VTS pin points the exact location of a vehicle on the map and ensures further security and efficiency of the system.

        • Locate vehicle on maps establishing grid references & names of location
        • Route tracking and analyzing
        • Geo fencing & geo zoning
        • Personalized maps for preferred routes

Real time Contingency Plans

Emergencies when combated successfully go a long way in providing a safe experience to both the passengers and drivers. It keeps customers awaiting cargo, assured as well.

        • Traffic updates & notifications with re-routing options
        • Weather updates and suggestions for alternatives
        • Time estimations & comparisons between routes

Fleet Maintenance

A fleet in perfect order reduces inefficiencies and directly co-relates to decrease in costs. Fleet maintenance is always better when it has less human intervention.

        • Automated maintenance schedules with predictive analysis
        • Logical plans to inculcate correct usage
        • Report fuel over usage, speed violations, braking and other parameters
        • Keep a track of maintenance histories
        • Generate insights to maintain a better fleet

Driver Management

Recruiting drivers, training them to reach the enterprise’s expectations of conduct and vehicle handling can be a huge nightmare. At the same time, it is the logistics company’s responsibility to assure a safe work experience to these employees on the go.

        • Engage drivers with prerequisite experiences
        • License verification
        • Driver allotment for tasks
        • Route planning & assignment to driver
        • Driving pattern records & behavior analysis
        • Driver feedback integration
        • Handling health emergencies, accidents & breakdowns
        • Hours calculation and linking with invoicing

Route Optimization

Optimized routes reduce time spent on the roads by both the drivers and the fleet, increasing efficiencies manifolds.

        • Routing engines with appropriate algorithms to optimize resource usage
        • Route generation
        • Travel time recording for constant assessment of routes designed

Asset Tracking

Assets on the field for a logistics company are the cargo being freighted and the vehicles themselves. Keeping a track of these valuable assets is not only necessary but inevitable.

        • Inventory management inbounds & outbounds on the go
        • Delivery confirmations
        • Vehicle whereabouts

Appropriate Alerts for Managers & Drivers

Automated alerts for various conditions helps the company to provide better service to the customers as well as provide a conducive user experience to the employees as well as the customers.

        • Speeding alerts
        • Ignition on in idle time alerts
        • Excess stoppage alerts
        • Contingency alert
        • Alerts for Landmark pointing
        • Late start alerts

Security Support

Keeping the assets and the users safe and integrating these features into the system helps minimize security breaches at all ends.

        • Geo fencing set up
        • Notifications when vehicle exits the fence
        • Emergency buttons for both drivers & passengers
        • Remote vehicle management in case of emergencies

Reports & Dashboards

Intuitive reports and dashboards generated from past records, history, statistics and predictions offer a comprehensive view into the on-goings and offer profitable suggestions and deviations to the processes.

        • Route history
        • Real time locations
        • Delivery details
        • Driver day start & end
        • Driver behavior
        • Fuel efficiency & mileage
        • Fleet status & location
        • Fleet monitoring
        • Fleet activity summaries

Integrated Apps

Intuitive apps can be integrated into the VTS for better collaboration between back-office, drivers on road and the customers awaiting cargo. Apps could be for customers to enable mobile based check-in when customers are travelling on the fleet or record of receipt of goods through digital signatures and code scanning.

In a Nutshell

VTS is a strong example of technology put to use for real life usages. Evolving with the technological advances, VTS becomes stronger by constantly integrating into itself newer concepts like the wearables, augmented reality, and more with fleet tracking apps and other approaches.

A strong VTS system brings advantages to the Logistics operations like all other industries it caters to.


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