A Shot in the Arm for Millennial Age Healthcare! ERPs with a Difference!


May 19, 2017


January 3rd, 2023

Healthcare and Technology together come of age and this strong union comes up with interesting & purposeful IT solutions for a Healthcare industry dealing with the quality of life, life itself & lifesaving tactics.

The harmonization of intuitive software working in sync with sophisticated devices & gadgets goes beyond being only mediums of communication. These robust solutions offer their intelligence & acumen for thoughtful predictions, their accuracy & swiftness to execute critical tasks efficiently and ease of being a part of the ecosystem itself to all the stakeholders more than anything else.

Integrating technology with life or injecting technology into healthcare was never more rational than with Healthcare ERP system development!

ERP Health Care

Technology Blending in into Healthcare

The eras of tech transformations have had far-reaching, revolutionizing impacts on the healthcare industry every passing decade. Today, mobile devices host apps that not only help measure fitness levels but also connect patients with doctors & healthcare experts all the time. After video-based healthcare consulting, it is indeed Virtual Reality that is all set to become mainstream for consulting.

Technology is gradually allowing users to be more proactive when it comes to healthcare by putting information on the fingertips of the patients as well as doctors with millennial approaches like the Internet of Things becoming a reality today. The devices of the GenX, smartwatches and fitness bands; the latest entrant on the block along with the mobile phones and of course the sensors & beacons all-around change the approach to healthcare completely.

Sophisticated clinical devices play a key role in changing the role of technology in the healthcare industry. Innovative devices with conversational approaches powered by the Bots like the modern-day pacemakers are a great relief to heart patients globally and the new age self-performing insulin monitors are nothing short of a boon for diabetics, all connected to the comprehensive ERP systems for healthcare, syncing doctors, help and patients with each other averting catastrophes to a large extent.

Most of these clinical devices can be synced with mobile apps or similar smart technologies, which can be accessed with a simple tap or a click. Healthcare enterprises acknowledge the importance of Electronic Health Record or the EHR systems, mobility, connected Healthcare IT solutions and modernizations in this vast industry, which is directly related to our well-being & the quality of our lives.

Benefits Of ERP In The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare ERP facilitates the entire patient lifecycle in hospitals & healthcare institutions. Prudently implemented custom ERP solutions for hospitals to integrate technology within the workflows to improve overall productivity & efficiency.

Towards Increased Productiveness

  • Effective Workflow Management

Patient management systems get a boost with automated scheduling, notifications, billing history during the lifecycle starting from admission to discharge.

HR systems benefit from employee tracking, attendance trends and integrated payroll. One of the major areas influenced by ERP systems is inventory management, which is very critical in hospitals as pharmaceuticals, surgical & healthcare instruments need to be closely integrated.

  • Increased Visibilities into the Happenings

Both the administrative as well as clinical workforce have increased visibilities into the system with the integration of BI into the ERP itself and also the ease of access with personal devices.

  • Optimized Costs

The hospital expenses & cash-inflow are tracked in real-time, giving an edge to accounting teams and indications for improvements. The tight sync between departments improves operational efficiencies, cutting down the costs.

  • Effective Scheduling

This is an obvious benefit of ERP systems, which can be used directly by patients in the self-service mode as well as healthcare staff for day to day functions.

Shift planning of hospital staff including doctors is done effectively using a centralized, trackable system and appointments for patients can also be taken care of. Scheduling ensures that every patient is given suitable time and facility to make optimal usage of the healthcare center.

  • Towards Clinical Analytics

ERP systems pave the roadmap for implementing business intelligence solutions. ERP integrated with BI tools provide definitive analytics to boost the healthcare organization’s decision-making capabilities.

Business Intelligence integrated into modern-day ERP systems helps determine peak periods allowing the hospitals to plan for shifts accordingly. It also keeps a tab on key performance indicators & other critical matrices to continuously gauge the healthcare organization’s performance.

Business Intelligence consolidates Clinical analytics, the next generation trending concept in healthcare technology. With clinical analytics, hospitals leverage BI tools for different use cases, such as determining average wait time in different hospital sections, doctor to patient ratio, activity prioritization during shifts, and overall optimization of healthcare processes.

Towards Better Experiences For The Patients

  • Patient Relationship Management & Personalization

A custom ERP solution for hospitals comprehensively takes care of continuous communication with patients including notifications, reminders for due visits and alerts before the appointment. These systems work towards personalized user experiences and keep in constant touch with the patient to keep up the spirit of health & well-being.

The check-in & check-out cycles too become easy for the patients. ERP systems play a key role in simplifying billing cycles. With all activities effectively tracked, along with medicine consumption & consulting, it is easy to generate accurate bills. The billing systems are usually integrated with the medical insurance details recorded during admission and reflect the necessary insurance coverage in the bill itself.

  • Improved Patient Engagement

Today, the healthcare industry is also prone to competition like any area that involves catering to the masses. Patients have a wide variety of options based on recommendations, reviews, insurance, and budget planning for their healthcare.

ERP systems allow hospitals to utilize the best available technology and the resulting sophistication ultimately leads to better patient care plus the increase in comfort level.

  • Increased Well-Being. On-Premise or Away

ERP systems remain integrated with devices within hospitals & remote to raise alarms in the event of a crisis, such as sudden patient health deterioration or any other emergency.

Integral Components of a Healthcare ERP

Newer technologies make their way into the healthcare domain to make the solutions comprehensive.

In a Nutshell

Healthcare has seen tremendous investments and spending in the last decade or so in software-based technologies or solutions integrated with these. The trend is predicted to continue. A study estimates that the overall expenditure on health care will be around ten trillion just by 2020, the dominant geography predicted to be the United States.

It is estimated that the global market for IT solutions specific to healthcare will exceed two hundred billion dollars quite easily by end of the current decade.

It is then no surprise that software development companies research & innovate to deliver comprehensive custom IT Solutions for Healthcare.

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