Software Development in 2016 – An Enriching and Fulfilling Experience


March 29, 2016


May 2nd, 2023

As the wonderfully promising year 2016 is ready to jump to its second quarter, there is so much to look at the happenings in the past quarter but much more to gasp by, as the next three quarters of 2016 are ready to open their Pandora’s box and escalate technology to the next level altogether, amalgamating technology with our daily lives in such a way, that it would be a tough task to separate the two. No doubt, there are umpteen technological moves happening everywhere around the globe, but, there are a few custom software development trends 2016 that are being observed to lead the way and raise the entire platform of software development to a larger and wider scale.

From a developer’s perspective, staying updated with the latest tools and technologies is as important as ever, primarily to ride the tide. Hence, they always look forward with wide-open eyes, for the trending parameters that skyrocket in the custom software development fraternity. Moving onto this very happening year 2016, there are a lot of new-age developments coming up in the next 3 quarters, each of them, in a diversity of platforms, frameworks, and architectures. It, surely makes us feel proud, to see our globe hitting new heights in terms of software advancements and progress.

You would surely note the following attributes, whenever you observe any new technology coming up: they are all faster, scalable, customer-driven, robust, flexible and user-friendly. Come what may, the vision to make any new technology a success story has turned out quite sharp and that is the reason most of them succeed.

With the software fraternity growing leaps and bounds, let us have a look at 5 such topmost features, that are already making news and will continue to rise and become the most ‘sought after’ software development trends in 2016.

5 Sure Shot Software Development Technology Boosters In 2016

Software Development Trends 2016

  • Container Virtualization Technology (Docker)

With immutable deployment models, Container-based Virtualization Technology has become the in thing today. Docker, a container service, independent by itself, has enabled faster development of software irrespective of the environment. There are numerous organizations moving in for this novel technology. These virtualized containers make the life of developers much simplistic. Easy management, instant up-gradation, and migration, simple replication, high security, stringent usage of resources and secure data storage are few of the many benefits it yields.

  • IoT And Big Data

You hear these names everywhere: Internet of Things and Big Data are being seen, heard and experienced at each nook and corner of our daily routines. No wonder, they have been on the topmost as far as popularity chart goes. With the amount of data growing exponentially in all organizations with multifaceted domains, the need for IoT and Big Data has rapidly shot up and continues to rise. As more and more devices are getting connected through the Internet and the bulk of data extracting the best of information at the right time in the right place, there is a strong rapport between users and their devices/gadgets, making the lives simpler, efficient and upgraded and giving custom software development a forceful push to success.

  • Cloud Computing

“Cloud” is soon going to be inseparable from computing. Soon, we will see a blend of Cloud and Computing. There will be no other means to compute apart from the Cloud. No matter what is the job, the Cloud will be there to take care of it. With Big Data and IoT swaying big in the air, Cloud computing is the basic necessity there and is being adopted by enterprises with wide arms. Big leading giants like Amazon, Openstack, Microsoft paving their ways into this leading technology, there are many others who a big boost success.

  • Project Execution With DevOps

Waterfall, Agile and now DevOps – is the buzz word today, in software development methodologies. A project management culture, by itself, has started imbibing within software development teams. Building a strong connection between development and operational teams, this project execution methodology talks about collaboration and communication to its best. With such a large amount of data moving to the Cloud, synchronization between the team is mandatory and DevOps surely makes it happen easily. It, still is, very much at the start of its journey but the way it is being liked and accepted by the user community, it surely will give waterfall and plain agile a backseat.

  • Integrated And Specialized Mobile Apps

Apple Watch, Samsung Smart Watches and so many more – all leading operators are busy flaunting their smartwatches, wearables, and accessories around. What goes at the base is the very robust and flexible mobile app technology that is showing its wonders to the world. Did we ever imagine these gadgets getting so close to us and showing up information which we ourselves, find difficult to gather? Be it health, finance, S&D, entertainment – integrated and specialized mobile apps are playing their roles with utmost vicinity and prominence. With real-time analytics, mobile shopping and communication getting into our lives with full bloom, these mobile apps will rule the world and it is a seen fact.

As for Custom Software Development Trends in 2016, there’s a lot more to come and is eagerly awaited. Let us watch our globe go technologically supreme and our daily lives getting entangled affirmatively into the technology webs.


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