Parameters Telehealth Telemedicine
Definition An umbrella term that covers healthcare services, telemedicine, administration, health education, and research Provision of healthcare service using information and communication technologies (ICT) (remote clinical services)
Scope All-encompassing and broader Narrower than telehealth
Examples Remote health sessions, health education for professionals, wireless medical adherence, remote patient monitoring Remote monitoring and consultation, remote video conference, remote management of patients’ conditions, diagnosis, tele treatment
Specific Use Technologies for overall well-being and better healthcare services Use of technologies for illness and chronic conditions, counseling, home health care, and remote medication
Service Focus Clinical/non-clinical services Only clinical services
Types/Methods Live video conferencing, Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM), Mobile Health(mHealth), Asynchronous video(store-and-forward) Store-and-forward, remote monitoring, and real-time interactive services
Key differentiator Not all telehealth is telemedicine All telemedicine is telehealth