The Yummy Android Marshmallow is here !

  • Posted on : September 10, 2015
  • Modified: March 2, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Android

The best thing about an Android release, in my opinion is the name. The delicious sugary treats offered by Google continue as expected in its latest release, Android M – 6.0. Now confirmed to be christened Android Marshmallow, it does remind me of all its predecessors that kept catching me by fancy – Cup Cake, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat and of course the Lollipop.

Android M

Google concentrated on design and appeal changes for Android L or Android Lollipop with the introduction of Google Material Design, but Android M or Android Marshmallow brings about changes by enhancing the already established feature list itself as promised in the Google I/O 2015 and also fixing the very rare issues if any.

Toasted or as is, this Marshmallow is here to stay in our phones and devices!!!!

Features of Android Marshmallow

App Permissions

  • A complete revamp of the powers given to us for app permissions. Permissions will now be set when we use the features for the first time and not when we have no clue about them during installation. And of course we can still reset our choices whenever we wish to!

Android Marshmallow


A satisfying Web Experience

  • Andorid M offers us Chrome Custom Tabs to enhance the user experience and the whole look of the system. A customized Chrome window on top of all the active apps would control the navigations between the apps and the web.
  • The all new web experience takes care of automatic sign-ins, auto fills with due care about the security as well!

Fingerprint Support

  • Android M phones come with the fingerprint support for secure access and other compatible fingerprint enabled apps.

Android Pay for Mobile Payments

  • Google’s answer to Apple Pay is here ! Who says our affordable Andorid Phone cannot do it all? Android Pay is the savvy mobile payment system with Android M. Geared up to make the payments and checkout process simple and secure. We would now be able to make payments at least 700,000 stores across the USA.
  • This platform is supported by
    • American Express
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Discover
    • AT&T
    • Verizon
    • T-Mobile

App links

  • App links are changed in Android M to avoid nuisances to you and me. Instead of a pop up now and then for confirmations before opening the apps before use through other apps, Android M saves the preferences and choices and acts accordingly.

Prudent Power Management

  • Doze, introduced in Android Marshmallow includes sensing rested state of devices to give a boost to the battery life. The technology introduced in this manner would conserve the power to almost double. When in “doze” mode, notifications, alarms and other background services would still be catered to.

USB Type C

  • Easier and more practical charging of Android devices is possible with the new charging method offered by USB Type C. Android M offers compatibility to this technology, making Android devices easier to have.

Auto Backup and Restore for Apps

  • Automatic Backups on Google Drive itself increases the reliability of Android M devices. The auto backups are done over WiFi and happen only once in a day. Restore would bring back the device to the last status of the apps.

New app drawer

  • The all new app drawer scrolls vertically instead of horizontally. It is in a very well contrasted white background to suit our visions and the recently used apps are also showcased in a properly visible location like the top of the menu.

Android M RAM manager

  • The RAM manager provides us with useful information of about the RAM usage for every app. This would help us to take care of the culprit apps which eat on both memory and battery life of the devices.

Adoptable Storage Devices

  • This brand new feature for devices supported by Android M from Google uses data stored on external storage devices and formats it automatically to the internal storage space format enabling all storage devices to be “adopted” and used conveniently to move data across devices.

The Look & Feel

The Boot Animation

  • The boot animation with Android Marshmallow will now show four colorful moving circles and morph into the Android logo at the time of startup. This change is to keep up our interests and make changes from the Android L startup animation

Dark Theme

  • This feature sets out to transform the menu background from a lighter one to a dark grey colour only in the settings menu. This change to the look and feel gives a completely new look to the phone and keeps up the tempo of change.

Devices for Android M

Android Marshmallow would be available on

    • Nexus 5 (Hammerhead)
    • Nexus 6 (Shamu)
    • Nexus 9 (Volantis)
    • Nexus Player set-top box (Fugu)

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