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February 3, 2020


April 27th, 2023

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Java, as the second most popular programming language after C, continues to rule the software development world with its stability, flexibility, and suitability for building any type and any size of software solutions. There are a number of Java frameworks, libraries, and tools available that allow developers to build ahead-of-its-time solutions that can shape tomorrow’s digital economy.

Currently, Java tops the chart of widely used programming languages and developers are leveraging it to the fullest with the help of various frameworks, tools, and libraries for front-end and back-end developments.

Vaadin, one of the most popular Java web development frameworks is widely used for building enterprise-grade and scalable web applications. This post highlights top organizations, industries, and websites using the Vaadin framework. We will be talking about Vaadin with its advantages, suitability, and modern features that justify it as one of the popular Java frameworks used by renowned enterprises over the globe.

What Is Vaadin?

Vaadin is an open-source Java web framework for building mission-critical, well-designed, and progressive web and mobile applications. It helps developers build beautiful, rich, and modern web experience using Java, faster and with maximum efficiency.

Vaadin is the only framework that allows you to write UI 100% in Java.

Before we talk about its features, advantages, and its history, let’s first discuss who is using it.

Vaadin is used by 150k developers worldwide and by 40% of Fortune-500 companies, according to its official source (vaadin.com).

Top Companies Using Vaadin:

Vaadin is the top choice of well-known and Fortune-100 enterprises to deliver the best experience along with a strong focus on developers’ productivity.

Following popular Companies/Enterprises use Vaadin:

  • PUMA
  • Liferay
  • Volkswagen
  • Bank Of America
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Motorola
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Dell
  • Wells Fargo

PUMA is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction. It is worldwide famous for its creative, trendiest, and elegant range of sportswear, accessories, and apparel.

They distribute products in more than 120 countries and offers an omnichannel experience to their customers by having physical stores, website, and fitness mobile apps.

PUMA has chosen the Vaadin framework in its web-based planning application that allows merchandisers to give feedback and vote for products. It is integrated with the other product lifecycle applications and gives a native iPad experience through the use of Vaadin TouchKit.

Vaadin is embraced by industries such as financial, retail, logistics, healthcare, insurance, utilities & energies, real estate, and information & communication (ICT).

Liferay Inc:

Liferay Inc is a leading open-source company offering enterprise professional services to Fortune 500 companies. With the focus on enterprise portal technology and better digital experience, Liferay has an industry-wide clientele with over 250 partners and more than 22 offices across the world.

Vaadin is one of the technology partners of Liferay Inc and helps them deliver rich applications quickly and efficiently. With the sole purpose of utilizing technology to create a better experience, Vaadin and Liferay ensure the best synergy to help enterprises grow.


Volkswagen Group is an international automotive corporation and one of the largest automakers in the world. The group is the owner of several well-known car and truck brands and has factories in many parts of the world.

Known for its trademark cars and innovative concepts, Volkswagen uses many technologies in its digital presence including Vaadin.

Bank Of America:

Bank of America is an American multinational investment bank and finance services company with the wider banking community, a huge customer base, and remarkable finance offerings. It is the sixth-largest American public company and the 13th largest company in the world. It operates in all 50 states of the US and over 40 other countries.

With 46 million customers worldwide and a number of business acquisitions, Bank of America ensures faultless digital presence using innovative and stable technology stack. They have reportedly used Vaadin to develop their application.

Rockwell Automation:

Rockwell Automation is the largest organization working in the area of industrial automation. Headquartered in Wisconsin, USA, the company operates across five continents and in 80 countries at present. They help several largest multinationals to integrate IIoT with Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) applications.

They are using Vaadin for its MOM application framework which can be customized as per their customers’ needs.


Based in the US, Motorola is an American multinational telecommunication company. It is acquired by Lenovo in 2014. It has laid the foundation for mobile phones and offers products like set-top boxes, video recorders, HD TVs, and other network equipment.

Once considered as the leading organization in the ICT industry, Motorola used the Vaadin framework to deliver better experiences.

The usage of the Vaadin framework allowed us to focus on the core application development without creating a vast overhead to deliver a comprehensive, state of the art web application.

– Erick Lokhorst, Docucom, application for document process management

JPMorgan Chase:

JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States and sixth largest bank in the world ranked by S&P Global. It is a leading global investment bank and various financial services provider company.

In order to serve their customers better, JPMC continuously invests in cutting-edge technologies and people to soar new heights.

Apart from this, there are many companies that are using Vaadin to improve performance and deliver better user experiences to their customers. These companies include  – Coriell Life Sciences, Dell, LandlordMax, FA Solutions, Docucom, CGI(one of the largest IT firms), AEB(supply chain solutions), and many more.

Why Vaadin? How It Helps Companies Deliver Better Experience And Scale New Heights?

Make it work, make it right, make it fast.” – Kent Beck

This quote indicates the three essential characteristics of today’s modern digital transformation. Companies need to act keeping customers at the center, deliver solutions at pace and with great efficiency.

A framework like Vaadin help does the same through its unique features.

Features Of Vaadin:

  • Server-Side Architecture

This is one of the distinguishing features that make it unique among other Java/JavaScript frameworks. The server-side architecture of Vaadin lets developers store UI code on the webserver rather on the client-side. This helps them get direct access to data, services, and elements from the server-side, resulting in higher performance.

  • Focus On UI

Vaadin’s design tools and components help developers create user-friendly and compelling UIs. With attractive templates, themes, and customization (CSS and HTML), designers can create a responsive, user-friendly, and appealing user experience.

  • Component-Based Model

Vaadin’s component-based model enables developers to build fast and reuse components as and when required. Developers can leverage a set of Vaadin web components to create beautiful UIs faster and in a productive way using Java. You can customize the existing components or create custom components as per your requirements. With the two-way data binding and automated bi-directional communication between server and client, Vaadin takes care of all these aspects that ease the development.

  • Security And Extensibility

It helps developers build secure applications using best security practices. With the server-side UI state management, validations, and parameters, it offers built-in support for security-first processes. It also allows the execution of JavaScript from the server-side and the use of HTML-Java templates. It offers many add-ons and integrations available to use from Vaadin Directory.

In addition to that, it offers:

  • TestBench – a tool for creating and running browser-based integration tests
  • Flow – A Java framework building modern web apps and websites
  • Designer – A design tool for creating UIs by using drag & drop
  • Charts – Interactive chart library for visualization of data

It has different editions to choose from including Vaadin core – a free one, Pro, and Prime.

It helps companies unlock the potential of Java to craft feature-rich web apps.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vaadin?

  • Best support for interactive, engaging, and attractive UI development
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Increased developer productivity
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Reduced complexity due to abstracted layers
  • Modern PWAs, Web Apps, and Mobile App support
  • First-rate user experience
  • Long-term support and maintenance
  • Reusability of code
  • A hassle-free way to develop front-end rather using multiple front-end technologies
  • A wider community and continuous evolution of the framework
  • Well-written documentation and support for developers
  • Performant, scalable, and efficient apps
  • Reduced overhead of switching languages client-side and server-side
  • Develop and debug app using Java
  • Supports GWT (Google Web Tools) and Ajax

It is compared with Spring, Angular, Play, JavaFx, and GWT framework. The limitations of the framework are also there; such as scalability issues due to server-side architecture, complexity to manage UIs of large apps, and low UI performance in several scenarios.

Vaadin: Create Modern-Looking and Progressive Apps

A good start is half the battle. This implies in software development too. When you select the right technology for your idea paired with the right skills and time investment, you would be sure about its outcome.

We, at SPEC INDIA, have the right team and Vaadin certified developers to help you build a forward-looking app with the modern touch.

What are the factors you are taking into account when you want to improve the performance of your web application? Is it speed, adaptability, developer productivity, or good UX?

Let us know via comments!

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