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June 15, 2018


April 27th, 2023

Get, set, go! The retail industry has picked up super momentum and both, the online and offline shopping era is getting better, smarter and techno-savvy. It is time the retailers stay at pace with the thought process of the buyers. Today’s retail segment is completely relying on the information available and hence information technology is sure to play a big role in the success story of this industrial zone. Managing complex operations, gaining and utilizing market information, controlling data, gaining the competitive edge, understanding customer perceptions, predicting futuristic trends and requirements in advance are some of the major essentials for a successful retail business. Undoubtedly, Retail IT solutions & services are the apt channels to garner the best of business in terms of profitability, RoI maximization, and efficiency. Implementing these solutions can surely fasten processes, positively and directly impacting the sales growth, customer loyalty, and expense charts.

What do Retailers Need to Act-On, For Rapid and Consistent Business Growth?

The retail industry has been around for years, expanding in size and boundaries, serving an increasing class of customers, the world over. Looking at the increasing demand and supply ratio, it is inevitable to get IT into the retail forum and make the most of retail software services and solutions that can facilitate rapid business growth and increased effectiveness. Retailers need to revisit their thought process and embed IT functionalities into their daily activities for the following motives:

  • For seamless integration across geographically spread locations
  • For collecting and analyzing customer information for futuristic prediction and smooth operations
  • For staying in sync with the latest technological updates and serving customers with the best possible mechanisms/offers
  • For popularizing the brand amongst new / existing clients and augment sales performance
  • For harmonized business processes and effective use of products across different stores

Why is Retail Software & Mobile App Development Inevitable for Business Enhancement?

The prime factors that have contributed to making IT an indispensable ingredient in the success of the Retail industry are as follows:

  • Going global is the big reason the retail industry needs to embrace IT solutions in a big way. As the retail segment goes international in terms of purchase, sales, manufacturing & marketing, it needs the help of IT to streamline operations in a fast, efficient and secure manner.
  • Peer competition is not something you can neglect. A strong presence of competitive organizations gives you no option but to leverage IT and thereby, showcase a step ahead of the rest.
  • As the world comes closer, customers get increasingly demanding about novel ways of better business in terms of quality, variety, security, and promptness. This is quite big a reason to adapt retail IT solutions and predict customer requirements much in advance, with the help of futuristic technologies.
  • Managing stock and inventory in the stores effectively is seamlessly done with the help of smart retail solutions. These solutions automate business processes in an integrated manner, facilitating a synchronized information flow between different entities.

5 Pioneering Retail IT Solutions, That Have Contributed to a Growing Industry

Beacons & iBeacons – Small in Size, Huge in Success & Popularity

In the last few years, retailers have identified the returns of proximity marketing & the beacon technology. Perceptions have been derived from location analytics ultimately seeing the light of the day when it comes to driving business. Campaigns and proximity-based marketing is getting more accurate considering the growing maturity in analyzing consumer behavior & geofencing. The new year will also see the implementation of Bluetooth 5, and the advantages it offers such as high speed, improved range & better broadcasting capabilities will indeed lend a boost to retail beacons. The big rise of smart retail with the tiny beacons!

Beacons have completely changed the ways of communication indoors. Big names in retailing have acted fasted and the powerful combination of beacons with Retail Analytics is all set to be a different chapter altogether. Retail Analytics with the tiny beacons & Big Data is contrasting but complementing.

Business Intelligence & Big Data – For the Structured & Unstructured Information

Retail analytics solutions indeed capture the attention of major stakeholders in the retail sector. To keep well-informed with competition in extents like brand promotion, score improvement when it comes to promoters and customer loyalty, a major chunk of retailers uses solutions offered by BI & Analytics across channels to positively influence sales. Business Analytics Solutions has now become the pulse of intelligent retailing!!

Analytics has also become a reasonable & essential offering for the smaller retailers too who leverage this approach on various channels to tap the nerve of the market and personalize efforts to engage the customers.

Retail Mobile Apps – Shopping at Its Best

The leap at which likings change and the market adapts are the two most important reasons to make available practical mobile apps for the retail industry, just as all other industries. Add to it the benefits of easy obtainability of technology, communication networks, and mobile devices satisfy these expectations of meeting the needs of the modern society. Mobile apps completely change the ways of doing things across domains and industries including the Retail Industry.

Retail mobile app development takes a center stage and e-Commerce progresses into m-commerce, spinning retailing into a comprehensive service to suit consumers with various likings related to devices used outside and inside the stores. The disruptive retail apps are heralding an innovative age for buyers & sellers!! And now, a little more innovative effort in personalizing your retail mobility solutions with respect to your clients could make the world of a difference to your business prospects and customer satisfaction.

CRM Solutions – Customer Loyalty & Business Growth to the Finest

With a traditionalist focus on the client, enterprises are looking at customer relationship management with a high amount of investment, individual interaction with the customer and not just general advertising. Enterprise CRM solutions have always been an almost mandatory ingredient in the success of any organization and have been accepted as one of the key solution areas today, to enhance productivity and profitability. These CRM solutions utilize information technology to garner customer data which can be used at its best, to interact in detail, with the customer. It is a medium by which one can have a regular, long-term, continuous relationship with the client and look for more.

Enterprise Resource Planning – A Must Have for Profitability & Productivity

When we exchange views about ERP for the retail industry, there is a huge implementation of processes and software activities that is portrayed before us. It assuredly comes along with its share of trials and hurdles but gives out a promising future – productive, efficient and profitable. Mobile ERP Solutions is the new age ERP for the retail segment. Combined with a power packed combination of two most happening innovations around the globe – mobility and ERP, these enterprise mobility solutions are set to rule the retail industry.

SPEC INDIA has been harnessing the potential of Retail Software & Mobile Application Development across various geographies serving a large retail client base, imbibing latest technologies with respect to Beacons, cloud computing, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Cross-Platform Development, along with enriched retail technology consulting.

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