Vehicle Tracking System, A Niche Technology for Value Addition and More

A Vehicle Tracking System is a niche technique which keeps a check on the location of all the vehicles owned by the organization. Competent Vehicle Tracking Software give a complete picture of the whereabouts of the fleet of the business typically using global positioning systems on electronic maps.

A VTS today generally relies on satellite or cellular networks based communications. These systems enable both active and passive tracking of the vehicles. Active VTS transmit and share the data continuously while their passive counterparts carry out the similar tasks, but the data transfer is done periodically.

The advantages of this system are manifold. The most important is that the VTS equipment can be fitted to the vehicle stealthily and the tracking continues to happen discretely without any signs to suggest anything unusual. Amongst the many reasons of using this system, for an organization in particular, a vehicle tracking system can be used to monitor the fleet, its whereabouts, halt times and can provide insightful suggestions to improve efficiency by monitoring constructively.

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicles with a VTS system rely on a satellite and through the GPS can easily identify the location of the vehicle; sending back data to the monitoring device and team.

There are a few basic components of a Vehicle Tracking System which relies heavily on a GPS Navigation Device.

  • A Mobile GPS receiver
  • A GSM Network Receiver
  • A Vehicle Tracking Software
  • Geographic Maps

The GPS receiver and GSM network receiver are fitted in the vehicle with proper interconnection. The satellite constantly communicates with the GPS device and sends the signals received from the vehicle to the GSM provider. With the help of these, the complete navigation of the vehicle can be tracked through sophisticated software which could be the traditional web enabled or the more contemporary mobile app based. This live tracking data helps track the movement of the vehicle on the map as and when the vehicle is moving.

Organizations make useful records of data related to these movements.

  • Route Statistics
  • Speed
  • Route Efficiency

With some newer high end devices, some more sophisticated features can also be included as true value additions.

  • Fuel Management
  • Voice Chat
  • Pictures of the interior of the vehicle

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems

Fitting a VTS to a vehicle is an investment advocated to be made prudently. A perfect requirement analysis is a call of the day before the decision to make use of this system is made. There are many advantages offered by this system, but these must be applicable to the organization in question.

Increased Productivity by Prudent Monitoring and Feedback

By keeping a watch on the vehicles, the organization can keep the track of the stops and breaks made by the drivers and keep a check on detours if any. By evaluating and implementing corrective actions for the unwanted time wastages made by the employees, businesses can increase their productivity by a large percentage.

Reduced Paperwork and Record-keeping by Drivers

With the VTS device in the vehicle, drivers do not need to maintain meticulous records for every trip they make. The accuracy and authenticity of the records increases with a VTS system rather than a manual one.

Keeping a Check on Fuel Efficiency

Vehicle Tracking System installed can be used to co-relate driving habits like speed and the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. The monthly expenses incurred for fuel can be kept in check easily using the analysis from these systems.

Reduced Phone bills

When an organization attaches its fleet with GPS devices, the phone calls needed to be made to keep a track of the vehicles are completely avoided. The reductions in phone bills sums up to a beneficial amount for the organization.

Automatic Schedule of Vehicle Maintenance

Modern Vehicle Tracking Systems can calculate with the data recorded, the estimated date for various service and maintenance requirements of the vehicles. This helps the business to reduce unnecessary costs of repair and neglect in the vehicle.

Insightful Reporting with Vehicle Tracking Systems

A VTS provides useful reports to enable corrective and preventive actions.

  • Fleet Schedule Reports
  • Speed Reports
  • Halt Reports
  • Geo Fencing Reports
  • Detour Reports
  • Emergency & Alerts
  • Vehicle Maintenance Status

In a Nutshell

Like any other technology, VTS can be put to use innovatively to offer a huge value addition to the organization. A vehicle tracking system finds its applications in specialized fields like the Armed Forces, Hospitals, Schools and Tourism besides the usual ones for Sales Force Automation and Logistics.

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