Parameters WebAssembly JavaScript
  • Wasm is faster, delivered through a small-sized binary format, and strongly typed.
  • It executes complex code effectively and overcomes its load time delay.
  • It supports complex and sophisticated operations.
  • JavaScript is dynamically typed, highly flexible, and delivered in human-readable code.
  • It executes effectively when code is simple because it runs almost instantly rather than compiling first.
  • It supports simple user interactions and app structures.
WASM vs JavaScript Performance
  • It has strong type code; hence it is optimized before going to the browser and hence faster.
  • In WebAssembly Vs js performance, it uses small binary files and ahead-of-time processing and works faster.
  • It is an interpreted language; hence it will take some time to execute and understand what is to be done.
  • In Wasm Vs JavaScript Performance, it has a long history of usage with multiple devices and browsers supporting it still.
Security Wasm implements in a sandbox offering better security JS works well for smaller tasks with a completely secure environment
Loading Time Loading time is fast for heavy computations Loading time is fast for small and simplistic tasks
Garbage Collection It relies on JavaScript for garbage collection It has a detailed garbage collection process for memory management
Memory Utilization Complicated memory usage, manual management of memory allocations JavaScript garbage collection automatically takes care of effective memory utilization
API Access It does not have a direct API access It has an extensive platform API access
Debugging Facilities Since it is a compiled language, debugging takes place prior to compilation and hence it is error-free Since it is an interpreted language, debugging takes place with runtime, and hence errors may continue to occur
Multithreading No support for multithreading can use other low-level languages Single-threaded support multiple executions