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January 23, 2017


May 1st, 2023

“We are no longer in a mobile first world; we are in a mobile only world” – Larry Page, CEO, Alphabet. There are no two doubts about the fact that BYOD is here to stay. Mobiles are now an integral part of any human life, literally and are a direct ingredient in the working of any organization and its success factors. Enterprises have no other option but to embrace mobility and integrate it seamlessly with their daily operations and activities, only then, there is a sure shot path to productivity, success and profitability. Now is the age of all employees being offered instant access to corporate resources through their mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. As simple as it may look, it does need a good amount of effort and planning to have an integrated flow between the stakeholders. There comes Enterprise Mobility Management to the rescue – Harness its power to maximize RoI and you work wonders.

Mobile Device Management has time and again, proven to be a great facilitator for enterprises to manage and monitor business activities through mobile devices, which belong to employees but have to be monitored with utmost security features and with a total IT control. With a proper set of guidelines to a safe and productive MDM solution, it is all set to reduce mobile based challenges and security risks, enabling maximum usage of the BYOD technology.

Mobile Device Management

MDM Solutions for All – Any Size, Any Segment

Let your enterprise fall under any size – small, medium or a conglomerate and let it fall under any industry domain – Finance, Health, Education, Oil & Gas, Entertainment, Shipping & Logistics, Retail etc., there is an Enterprise Mobile Device Management to serve your needs.

Whatsoever may be the size and segment, here are certain oblivious reasons why any enterprise would need this wonderful solution:

Increased Productivity

With limited access to personal or unnecessary apps and features, there is automatic increase in the productivity level of employees. Also, there is a regular contact of employees with their peers and seniors that will lead to increased guidance, motivation and monitoring. For any segment that has employees working on field, this is of prime importance and absolutely necessary.

Ensured Safety

Mobile is a danger as much as it is a boon. And it can prove to be a big distraction to employees who are on the field and handling assignments, needing a lot of personal safety. At such places, implementation of a MDM solution can surely help in controlling access and thereby ensuring safety of employees and avoiding any kind of accidents.

Enhanced Data Security

Irrespective of the size of business, there is always a portion of information that has to be kept secure and whether personal / corporate needs some mechanism to ensure its protection, which even includes client information to a large extent. No enterprise would like to compromise on customer information and hence securing that with a well-defined strategy is a must. Remote locking, data wiping whenever needed are some of the ways MDM looks at security features.

Essential Do’s and Don’ts for a Safe Mobile Device Management Implementation

Dos and donts


  • Implement security features such as password policy, antivirus software, encryption logic and have mobile devices fed with each of them
  • Have a standardized policy defined for employees, orient them completely well in advance so that they are prepared for all the disciplinary rules that apply
  • Imbibe responsibility into employees so that they are the sole stakeholders of their own devices and take utmost care of the safety and security of their devices
  • Give proper training to employees on virus attacks, malware handling, backup of data at appropriate place and more
  • Have a proper procedure defined and implemented for stolen / misplaced devices, so that there is no further harm to the company information
  • Define a proper policy defined for removing company information from a mobile device just in case of any theft of device or termination of employee


  • Never connect your mobile devices to any unknown wireless access portal, especially when the device contains a large amount of company information
  • Don’t allow strange networks, jailbroken devices to access your device. That could mean a malware attack on your device.
  • Avoid opening any sort of unwanted emails, messages, attachments or links
  • Don’t install any unknown application that hasn’t been reviewed or authenticated
  • Never share your device details like password, ID etc. with anyone or on any social media or over the Internet

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