This report, allows sales executives to track quarter to date (QTD) sales performance, review stats in relation to the current quota and previous quarters, The report data is filtered by product name and opportunity type in this dashboard based on CRM data. The single dashboard connected directly to an Enterprise CRM Tool – Renaissance, gives accurate and reliable data without one having to sort through endless spreadsheets. The sales leaders can further use this information and develop sales strategies and focus on a larger picture.

Suitable For: This sales summary dashboard is developed and designed for senior sales heads to make better decisions in minimal time on the basis of accurate data.

Focus metrics: Quarter Sales, Current quarter quota, Sales quota difference, Transactions, Customer count and opportunity quantity.

Use Case: This predictive analytics dashboard can be used to present high-level and accurate sales information to the decision-makers by truncating unnecessary details.

Industry: Retail & FMCG

Disclaimer: The data, characters and brand names depicted in the visualizations are for demo purposes only. Any resemblance to actual data, or to brand names, is purely coincidental.