SPEC INDIA Releases a New Version of Self Service BI Plug-in with Value Added Features

  • Posted on : July 11, 2016
  • Author : SPEC INDIA

We feel elated to share the success of our Self Service BI plug-in launched for the Pentaho Community edition users on the Pentaho Marketplace, a few months back and its rise on the popularity charts. We have been receiving umpteen positive reviews, globally, from the community users, emphasizing the fact that this plug-in has been proving advantageous to them with its visually appealing dashboards / reports and the handy, comprehensive User Guide.

Encouraged by the wonderful response from the user community and to continually support the developer community with innovative technological advancements, our BI team has come up with an advanced version of this plug-in, adding innovative features which we are sure, the developers will appreciate.

Self Service BI Plug-in

Our newly released plug-in is compatible with Pentaho 6.0 and showcases the following features:

  • General
    • Freshly designed UI
    • Easy accessibility to change Pin header name and colour
  • Pinboard
    • Editable Pinboard header
    • Layout Settings Panel with easy options to add Pins in Pinboard
  • Preview Mode – Pinboard
    • Add comments on Pinboard and individual Pins
    • Export Pins as CSV, XLS, PNG
    • Zoom chart for better visibility
    • Swap chart with data tables for Saiku files
  • CCC Data source
    • Simplified data source creation process
    • Import properties visible to create data source file

Download this plug-in from the Pentaho Marketplace and leverage the skills of serving your own needs yourself, without any external dependency.

Request a FREE POC to test drive our Business Intelligence Services. We would be glad to address any of your BI related requirements and arrange for a meeting, demonstration or discussion, as required.

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