Teamwork gets a Whole New Meaning with SPEC INDIA TeamViewer Plugin

  • Posted on : October 7, 2015
  • Author : SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA announces a handy, practical and helpful plugin which works with all existing iOS and Android based apps, allowing Users to connect to Customer Support from their phones with TeamViewer; the pioneer in Remote Troubleshooting and Screen Sharing over desktops & smartphones.

This declaration promptly follows the launching of the Screen Sharing SDK allowing app developers to customize and integrate Team Viewer within existing iOS and Android Applications.

The use of real time screen sharing in this solution by SPEC INDIA is all set to direct the users to solve the problems or let Customer Support take control of the App on the user device remotely to trouble shoot. Ready to be rolled out with existing Android and iOS based apps, a simple ‘HELP’ button sends a request to the Support Teams through this very innovative plugin. This can be used with ease and assurance by users of various levels of exposure having access to TeamViewer.

Teamviewer Plugin


This new value added service app gets added into the versatile mobile technologies portfolio that SPEC INDIA boasts of.

They say “Together Everyone Remains on Your Side” and that is the power that we give to you with the TeamViewer Plug-in.

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