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Technology is continually progressing forward and so are we! Technology isn’t looking back at all nor are we! 2022 has been a great year so far for us, bringing in so much of technology finesse and newer projects to showcase our talent and enthusiasm.

We are proud to share that SPEC INDIA has been recognized as a top big data analytics company, by GoodFirms – an established platform committed to help business segments connect with service providers. Also, TopDevelopers has recognized SPEC INDIA as ‘Fastest Growing AngularJS Company’ for June 2022

We implemented a SaaS based, password management product for a software startup firm in USA who manages and monitors simple and secure platforms powered by modern Passwordless technology, to manage workforce identity and privileged access. Powered by the digital transformation drive, salient features of this technology are Passwordless SSO, Password Manager, iOS/Android/Chrome Web Extension, zero trust remote access, Passwordless MFA, and more. This application offers a simple and secure platform that offers businesses a single place to manage passwords, logins, applications, and everything in between. It offers unparalleled security and simplicity combined with a wonderful user experience.

Adding to our success trail, we recently developed and implemented a robust Warehouse Billing System for a popular client in India, under the umbrella of powerful technologies like ReactJS, NodeJS and MS SQL Server. This system offers final invoice generation based on transactions and billing contracts. It offers the calculation of different types of charges based on different units. Some of the important charges that the system calculates are inventory management, order processing, return order, invoice printing, stickering and labeling, loading, and unloading, stock transfer, overtime, transportation, and many more.

One more success story of ours – we implemented multiple Power BI reports for the Bio Pharma company in Singapore, which is a single-stop shop for market intelligence and business connections. There are flexible Power BI reports that offer a variety of analytics and metrics of great value to the clientele associated with this company. Its salient features include multiple pipeline tracking, process tracker, and company-wise product analysis with infrastructure and facilities so that a better future business perspective can be analyzed and worked upon.

Yet another feather in the cap is the successful implementation of a sales and financial analytics portal to track revenue, margins, customer base, and KPIs, for UK based client. We have developed a variety of Power BI reports to analyze various margins like gross and net sales, pricing structure, etc. Users can track margins and take decisions to increase their profit margins and save costs. It also tracks work environment incidents and reasons for employee and workplace safety. By using the solution, users can have a complete view of manufacturing phase cycles, financial performance, and workplace insights for safety purpose.

We, as single-stop IT partners, have ensured a wide range of digitization projects for the execution of different technologies through our digital transformation initiatives. Our skilled resources have been implementing SaaS based technologies expanding their horizon of learning newer technologies.

Keeping up with the technological advancements, our software experts have been gaining detailed skills in React and its application areas. React has been facilitating the development of effective projects with its salient features like two-way data binding, virtual DOM, simplicity, JSX, extensions, etc. We possess expertise in offering dynamic & world-class ReactJS development services, across a multi-fold of industry domains. Mixing in a mutual mix of ReactJS with project execution experience, our association provides our valued clientele with the best of productivity & expertise, to stay a step ahead of the rest.

Our NodeJS development services have been providing high-quality and effective applications using JavaScript, serving to both – frontend as well as the backend. We have earned experience in executing NodeJS in state-of-the-art areas like the Internet of Things, cloud computing, real-time web apps, and data critical apps. Combined with our AngularJS and ReactJS proficiency, our NodeJS solutions have been offering cutting-edge solutions to a variety of industry zones.

Business Intelligence and analytics has been our primary forte. We have been offering a wide range of enterprise-level BI & analytics solutions that offer an in-depth view of the valuable chunks of information. Our data-focused solutions encourage our clients to extract the best out of the data and leverage it for future business decisions. We have been striving hard to learn, implement and leverage the latest technologies in our projects for the best of collection, analysis, and visualization of data. We aim to transform huge chunks of data from organizations to actionable insights, through modernized tools and technologies.

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