Spot Billing Solution

Project Overview

Adani Gas is one of the leading PNG gas distribution companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Aiming to reduce billing and payment overhead, they opted for a faster, more secure, and digital way of managing business processes through the mobile app.

Adani spot bill application is an android app that is intended to generate spot bills for Adani Gas customers. This app provides a meter reading facility which reads units and generates bill via Bluetooth printer attached with Android App. There is also a payment collection module if the customer wants to pay at the same time.

This app saves a lot of manual efforts by reducing human resources behind the billing process.

Core Features

Integration with SAP

Spot billing at the time of meter reading

Payment collection module if the customer wants to pay at the same time

Proof of Delivery (POD) in terms of digital signature

Location capture when the reading process starts

Online/Offline support

Export data from the app

Real-time synchronization of data and meter images

Bluetooth printer integration to print the bill


Technologies And Platform We Use


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