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Project Overview

The project is about developing a Power BI-based software solution for a popular analyst and trading firm for oil majors that simplifies oil analytics through a user-friendly web platform. It provides oil supply chain and consumption analysis with various data sources. They collect and analyze global crude & energy data and provide insights in form of Daily Market Report and dashboards embedded in the web platforms.

The client has an ever-growing database with all the relevant information in one place. One can navigate the markets with powerful oil market data available anywhere.

They were keen to design and develop a business intelligence solution that can analyze a variety of information related to the oil sector and assist organizations in taking relevant business decisions. They wanted to improve the methods and architecture of their reporting structure.


Our Power BI-based software solution goes by the function and template-based approach to change data from cloud-based and refresh it accordingly. We used Power Automate and relevant utilities for automating activities.

Key Components of Power BI Dashboard

  • Data aggregation from multiple sources
  • Interactive forward curves and plot history
  • Commitment of traders
  • Third-party data integration
  • Customs data from various countries
  • Macro indicators
  • Daily oil market report
  • Brent Spreads
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Core Features

Our team has developed many reports based on requirements of the oil market like RBOB, Brent, Gasoline spreads, timeline charts/tables, future trends etc. We prepared around 35 to 40 Power BI reports and parameters-based reports which helped in faster development and improvisation of their architecture and methods.

Key Inclusions

Global Crude Imports Data - Daily Open Interest Change, Futures, Spreads, Timeline, Technical like Moving Averages (20 DMA, 50 DMA etc.)

Margin Builders: Europe Margin Builder and Asia Margin Builder to check crude margins dynamically with various scenarios

Covid Mobility Power BI Report: It contains COVID data world-wise for vaccinations, cases and along with no. of flights across the world

Energy Dashboard - Various energy sources and its production vs consumption


Technologies And Platform We Use

Microsoft Power BI
Azure Cloud Services

Business Benefits

The business gained the following benefits from our project solution

Oil market insights

Data analytics with machine learning algorithms

Timely, curated, and sharp analysis

Concise and actionable commentary

Ability to download bulk datasets in one click

Least manual intervention

Template based Power BI reports for generating insights

Impact analysis on market trends and patterns

360-degree solution for a complete vision into the global oil market


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