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Project Overview

The project is about developing a Power BI based software application for a popular financial firm that offers clients the critical financial tools needed to enhance lives and create a financially inclusive world with economic access to all. It works to empower clients, businesses and communities that are overlooked by the global financial system, by funding and growing companies to meet their financial needs.

The client was keen to design and develop a business intelligence solution that includes pre-programmed dashboards for different partners that are automatically updated as the data enters the system from a pre-installed Lime Survey plug-in. They wanted outcome from their Lime Surveys with an interactive manners to enable digitization and expansion. They wanted to embed the dynamic dashboards to a live website so users can interact with but not modify or view individual data.


Key Components of Power BI Dashboard

  • Digital maturity assessment survey
  • Product impact assessment
  • Global aggregated view using data collected from surveys
  • Trends and patterns through charts and tables
  • Filter / show data using selected criteria
  • Compare against historical data collected from previous survey periods
  • Display respondent information such as the number of responses received, by gender, geography, partner, etc., and total number of responses for each visual
  • Embedding dashboards with the website for user interaction

Core Features

We have designed a dashboard for the MSME (Micro and Small Enterprise) Digital Maturity Assessment and Product Impact Survey. It is a tool that how their socio-economic outcomes change with the use of digital products and services launched through MAP. We have implemented role wise report as well global report to get insights data as per partner wise and Administration level.

We have offered the provision to embed the dynamic dashboards to a live website so users can interact with but not modify or view individual data.

Key Inclusions

Access of data through API to a white-labeled microsite to enable public dissemination

Survey question bank

Digital, financial, and business readiness

Demographic information

Digital maturity segmentation


Technologies And Platform We Use

Microsoft Power BI
One Drive

Business Benefits

The business gained the following benefits from our project solution

Insights in an interactive manner

Faster decision-making on product impact

Increased digitization inputs

Viewing dashboards on an ongoing basis

Futuristic view of business information

Dynamic representation and interaction with data

Business growth and job creation

Overall impact of product/service on financial and business wellbeing


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