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Project Overview

The project is about developing a business intelligence and analytics application for a leading storage service provider in the USA, helping film, video and broadcast professionals work more efficiently and save big time on the cost front. The organization offers a variety of data management tools integrated into a single, globally managed, secure solution. It provides a single, overarching platform with multiple services that comprehensively addresses growing and complex unstructured data management (UDM) tasks.

They were keen to design and develop a business intelligence solution that can help the organization derive meaningful insights through analytics capabilities. They needed the real-time status of storage and other visualization capabilities to analyse data storage space utilization.

The client was finding it difficult to come up with a consolidated database and a set of reports that could give them detailed analytics. There was high occurrence of replication, availability, redundancy storage, and backup.

It was difficult to avail real-time monitoring of storage status and availability in different sites. Backup planning and monitoring was a tough task and so was an aesthetically rich analysis of data.

Diagnosing the challenges of the client, SPEC INDIA helped the customer choose the best suitable analytics tool for their needs and helped them derive meaningful insights through analytics capabilities.

Key Components
  • Set up basic prerequisites to use Mongo DB BI connector with Tableau
  • Create visualizations to analyze data storage space utilization, storage costing, backup, data replication analysis
  • Design a cloud-based Tableau site to accommodate analysis needs
  • Manage data extracts for analysis and their scheduled refresh cycles
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Core Features

We provided data visibility and data mobility platform, multiple data services, assimilating all different data sources into a single unified platform. We implemented the following activities, as a part of the solution:

Key Inclusions

Setup a Tableau Bridge client on the AWS EC2 machine to manage the refresh needs of large extracts on Tableau Online

Provide an incremental refresh solution for larger extracts to avoid extra resource usage over Online

Summary Dashboard showing total storage and spending, data created and deleted


Technologies And Platform We Use

Tableau Desktop

Business Benefits

Our solution enabled the business to achieve the following benefits:

Real-time status of storage to end clients

Easier for business/marketing team to avail new business

Replication analysis for information about duplicate data

Failure analysis for information about backup servers

Cost analysis to give information about the amount of money spent on storage

Facility to drill through different file types (e.g., mp4, jpg, etc.) to fetch storage details as per each file type

Customer to get all statistics about stored data in visualized form

Better decision-making for further data storage activities


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