Cross Platform vs Native Apps Comparison In 200 Words


October 27, 2019


June 29th, 2023

Choosing app development type – cross-platform or native significantly influences the ultimate performance of an app. Both approaches differ in various ways, based on the various factors.

Advantages of cross-platform over native:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Shorter development time
  • Presence on all platforms
  • Lower maintenance costs

Advantages of Native over Cross-platform:

  • Great performance
  • Superior UX
  • Platform’s support
  • Native APIs and device features


Difference between cross-platform and native apps:

Criteria Native Cross-Platform
Architecture Different apps for different platform One app for multiple platforms
Performance Fully native and higher Native-like and performance issues
Development Time Requires time as need to write different code Significantly reduced development time
Cost Not cost-effective Lower costs
Target audience Limited to a specific platform Reach a large number of users
User experience Superior Less reliable as unified UX for all platforms
Code reusability Almost none 60% reuse
Hardware accessibility Complete hardware support Limited

Who Wins?

Cross-platform is a preferable choice for business apps, SPAs, and low functionality app while native apps are used for graphically-enhanced apps, gaming, and enterprise applications with broad functions.

Native vs. cross-platform – this choice is subjective as it depends on factors like time, speed, cost, performance, and requirements.


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