Android App Development

Matching pace with the increasing popularity of Android applications, we offer steadfast android application development services to chalk out contemporary apps & solutions for an established user base across the globe. Our enterprise clientele comprises of Fortune 100 companies with a portfolio that boasts of state-of-the-art technologies from the Android ecosystem.

As an all aware Android application development company, we offer valuable services related to Android Wear with niche solutions for the smart watches, the now accepted Android TV and also extend our outreach to voice enabled solutions with the help of the native voice commands powered by “OK Google”.

Our global partnership with Samsung under the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) makes us a part of an innovative movement, enabling us to deliver superior enterprise mobility solutions for our clients.

Android App Development Services

Our insights into the diverse technologies lay a concrete foundation for the Android technology team to create, test and port Android applications and solutions to a variety of Android powered tablets, phones, mobile and wearable devices.

Our services experts offer comprehensive and scalable Android apps making the most of the powers of the Android Software Developer Kit (Android SDK) to roll out Enterprise Applications, M-Commerce Solutions, Social Media Apps, Games, Multimedia, Image Editing, Image Processing and Widgets both with native android app development as well as cross platform development as suited.

The testing services for Android applications offered by us ensure reliable and stable applications and solutions across devices and designs for all your apps. As a third party, we offer unbiased and assured tests to make your applications on Android fool proof.

We abide by the basic design principle of Android; simplify the user experience to enchant and amaze the user. The device centric UI principles integrated together roll out satisfying UX across our solutions. And of course, our design engineers harness the potentials of Material Design which is already at our doorstep.

Beyond growing your customer base, Android applications launched by us on Google Play help you build visibility and interest for your apps and brand, as well as an open marketplace for distributing them instantly. Your apps find higher rankings in the weekly charts as and when their popularity increases.

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Domain Expertise

Our well accepted solutions & services across domains spanning Manufacturing, FMCG, Healthcare, Shipping & Logistics, Education and more are very well received and make our android app development services portfolio comprehensive.

Enterprise Apps

  • eCRM -A State of the Art comprehensive CRM system offering diverse solutions for multiple industries and domains
  • ZooM – SPEC INDIA’s flagship mobile sales force automation and field force automation solution powers the day to day activities of sales force on the move increasing their productivity & efficiency many-folds
  • eSAM – A robust solution as a tool for field maintenance & service teams for survey, data capture and service & maintenance management
  • VTS – A GPS based vehicle tracking system focuses on needs of diverse industries
  • iRestaurant – an integrated Ready to Go Order Management solution with Multilingual support, for restaurant owners

Business Apps

  • Remote Mobile Assistant to communicate & track mobile phones far away & to control them
  • Location based app for inventory management at the warehouses for Shipping Industry
  • Pur-ching, a Product Catalogue and Ordering application
  • Taxi booking and Metering Application for keeping track of duration of hire and calculating charges automatically for a taxi

Lifestyle, Health & Fitness Apps

  • Apps to keep social media abuse under check with apps for parents to care for their child who think their child is spending too much time with its smartphone in playing games, chatting on Face book & in other activities and monitor these activities and also for self-conscious students who need to keep focused on their studies.
  • Apps to keep emergency services handy and connect to them with required personal information easily.
  • Apps for wearables allowing easy synchronization of smart watches with phones. It allows smart use of social media features, music control and volume control all through the watch as well as keep a track of water intake.

Education Apps

  • Exams and Test Applications to keep up the interest of school and university students while taking a test
  • Apps to aid teachers, educators and administrators for managing their day to day activities with highly secure data handling
  • Apps to conduct driving tests and monitor results of the participants

Photo Editing Apps

  • iSnapped Plus, a Photo editing software which helps in photo editing and enhancements along with various templates and emoticons to express your moods and feelings for enhanced social interactions

Social Media Apps

  • iFBCover App gives you an ability to craft your FB cover page over iPad
  • Smiggle Chat, a fun filled, fast pace chat application to connect like never before with “shout out” to friends and “pin lock” for private chats


  • Givling
  • Air Craft Parking
  • Frisky Catch

Technology Matrix

The power of the Android SDK integrates the strengths of Voice, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Location Based Services and Internet of Things (IoT) into our solutions & apps using versatile communication techniques like Bluetooth and Beacons to create a comprehensive technology matrix from a committed Android Application Development Company in India.

We cater to a range of ever increasing Android devices like Mobiles, Tablets and now the Wearables & the TVs.

Platforms (SDK) Android Nougat, Android Marshmallow, Android Wear, Android Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, AndEngine (2D), Open GL ES 2.0
Communication Mode Beacon, Bluetooth, WIFI, GPRS, NFC
Mobile Database SQL Lite
Tools Android M SDK, Android Lollipop SDK, 4.x SDK, Eclipse, ADT, Android Studio
Cross Platform PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and JQuery Mobile
Scanning QR Codes, Bar Codes
Contemporary Techniques Augmented Reality, Location Based Services, Beacons, OpenGL, Audio-Video
External Database MySQL ,MS Access, Oracle
Add Ons Image Processing, Multimedia, Chat over Wifi Direct, Multiplart Request, REST, SOAP
Third Party Library
  • Volley, Picasso, Roboguice, ORMLite
  • Advertisement & Analytics – Flurry, AdMob
  • Social Media – Facebook, Pinterest, Whats App, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, FlickrLine, WeChat, BBM, Google +
  • Cloud – Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive
  • Graphics, Plotting & Wall Paper – Achart, AndroidPlot, GLWallpaper, Box 2D, Min3d
  • Real time computer vision – OpenCV
  • Messaging & Keyboard – iText, Parse Notification, Adapt Text, SnackBar
  • Phonegap-bluetoothAPl, Stick n Find for Beacon
  • Barcode Image Processing – Zing
Third Party
  • In App Purchase, Push notification, Google Document,
  • Google Pay, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, You Tube, Ever note, Dropbox
  • Face detection, 9Zip