5 Key Tips to Decide Whether to Invest in DevOps Consulting or Full Stack Development


July 25, 2018

To make choice between DevOps Consulting or Full Stack Development is very puzzling. With businesses becoming increasingly agile and competent, developing and deploying custom software solutions for them is also getting complex. The roles and responsibilities that developers used to follow earlier has changed for the better. Developers are supposed to know much more and perform higher standards of roles as compared to earlier days. Two leading technologies that have received rounds of applause and are getting increasingly popular are DevOps Consulting Services and Full Stack Development. In the last 10 years, the IT arena has expanded beyond horizons and novel trends are being observed. Latest technical advancements like Agile, Scrum, SOA, Microservices, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and many more have been ruling the businesses.

As technology intensifies a level further, things that can be performed on the frontend and backend are coming closer. And as that is happening, demand for full stack programmers is increasing. Full stack development is the latest techno mantra today with developers supposed to be well versed with different facets and components of technology, be it the frontend, backend, database or architecture. The very collaborative DevOps is known for its smooth and increased communication between the development and operation teams, being a part of the IT team that creates and maintains the infrastructure managing the shared IT services. DevOps is being extensively utilized for robust and scalable custom software development.

DevOps Consulting or Full Stack Development

For organizations to decide whether to invest in DevOps Consulting or Full Stack Developers is a tough task. Firstly, because most of them hardly understand each one of them and how similar and dissimilar they are. There is a different combination of situations that play an important role in deciding which one would benefit the business criteria and to what extent. Any industry domain you take, be it any segment or size, is always focussed to grow and succeed and for this, it is essential it follows one of these technologies driven roadmap to get the finest of results.

Full stack development companies expect developers to be well acquainted with frontend and backend technologies with the latest tools and languages. DevOps development companies expect teams to analyze and understand the subject matter in great details and be an expert in that. Processes in DevOps facilitate developers to excel and collaborate in various areas of development. Both these technologies have elevated the skillset of developers to a large extent. Both DevOps and Full Stack Development are hinting towards agility and flexibility but there is a certain criterion that hints towards choosing either.

5 Key Pointers That Can Help Decide Whether to Go in For DevOps Consulting or Full Stack Development

  • The complexity of Software Solutions

Complexity is one factor that plays a major role in choosing the type of technology and project methodology. How far is the level of involvedness in the software solution is of prime importance? Looking at the diversity of requirements and organizational objectives varying broadly, there is a huge need to understand it first. In case there is heavy complexity involved, it turns beneficial to involve DevOps expertise instead of Full Stack developers since expecting expertise from Full Stack at this point could turn things the other way around. If the teams are making use of legacy systems, you can still do good with full stack teams rather than DevOps.

  • Extent of Agility Required

Whether you need agile project execution or not is to be thought of as a priority. Agility showcases swift changing of processes as required in the development phase. It needs the exchange of one component of software to another as required. If agility is a must, DevOps turns out the best choice. But, if things are in place and do not need too much of shuffling, then full stack developers can do a good job. If there is a lot of peer competition in line and sticking to the latest trends and technologies is heavily important, DevOps would be the right option. If there are minor fluctuations and changes needed, full stack development can fit the bill.

  • Economic Expectations and Team Size

A criterion most common and important – the budget plays an important role in choosing between the two. If budget is not a concern, DevOps would be great but in cases of startups, SMEs where the budget is defined, hiring full stack developers would be preferable. DevOps is highly popular but is costly at times and hence for enterprises, it becomes easy to opt for it rather than for smaller units where it becomes a big overhead. At that time, full stack developers would do the job perfectly.

  • Level of Scalability Desired

If scalability is a big criterion, DevOps would be the right choice but if the development includes a single time effort with not much of management or scalability in the coming future, full stack would do wonders too. Hence scalability needs to be assessed prior to deciding which option to choose from. For projects where there is much of online interaction or social media, too many digital transactions, it is better to choose DevOps.

  • Futuristic Development Strategies

It all depends on what holds in store for your future business plans. For startups, they have a lot to achieve yet and hence irrespective of budget, they may want to choose DevOps for their faster growth. But for enterprises, even if they can afford to, they should analyze the type and depth of requirement that they have and then decide if to choose DevOps or full stack.

Which one to choose amongst the two is entirely based on the organizational goals, objectives, requirements to be adhered to and the company’s hiring needs. Both have their own focus areas and USPs and both are good. The crux lies in choosing what is right for your organization.

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