Android Getting Into Our Homes

The booming announcements in the Google I/O 2014, this year, has created waves in the industry as to what all is going to happen in near future with Android bringing in novel technologies to enter our homes, our daily lives and be a part of our day to day routines.

All over these years, we have been infusing technology into our homes, but at a slow pace. There have been technical advancements in our electrical and electronic appliances but not any kind of automation or remote controlled happenings through a single device. All those computerized systems available till now had their own additional expense and infrastructure which was never found viable for a lay man. But with rise in lightweight systems, wireless connectivity, cloud based infrastructure and sensors, homes with automatic gadgets and functionalists are on the go.

Be it safety and security, be it assistance in the kitchen and around, be it controlling all electronic devices from a single mobile device and much more, Android is about to launch a bunch of gadgets which are bound to make our homes technology driven. With the indulgence of mobile devices already striking a chord in our daily lives, the next likely step is, but naturally, their involvement in our homes. It is obvious that these miniature mobile devices will now start ruling our security systems, cards, fridges, locks, doors, televisions, Air conditioners and much more. Of course, the cost factor is yet to be explored and hence it is still unsure if these facilities would be widely accepted instantly or will take its time to reach the end audiences.

How is Android Entering our Homes?

Under the main umbrella of Android – L, the latest operating system Android is coming up with, there are other striking gadgets coming up to smoothen your daily jobs. Let us glance through what Android has to offer.


Android L showcases a range of innovative offerings like a personal unlock feature to authenticate and unlock your Android device by putting it near an Android smartwatch or other device. It also enhances the operating system’s battery performance and offers thousands of APIs for the android developer.

Getting our TV and Android closer to each other is Android TV, a novel initiative that allows many of our Android device apps to be featured on our TV, thereby expanding the horizon of our luxuries and necessities. It is like any other TV with an access to Google Play apps and content.

Then comes Android Wear, an exciting announcement made, which is specifically for wearable devices like smartwatches. An Android Wear device is connected to your mobile device through Bluetooth and sends the information to the device. As soon as we give the smart watch any instruction, it is sent to our mobile device and the information is returned back to the smart watch.

Yet another eye catching feature is Android Auto getting you close to your car by interacting with the car system. With a voice control feature and easy operations, Android Auto is sure to enthral end users with its features and utilities.

SPEC INDIA has been implementing a variety of projects in the mobility sector with expertise in Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile. We, as enthusiast solution providers, look forward to the above technologies being launched and explore their usage further.

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