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April 11, 2016


June 21st, 2023

Vehicle tracking systems become more sophisticated with the changes in technology. With the availability of a multitude of devices and methods of rolling out solutions, the sky is the limit for putting GPS vehicle tracking software to proper use. From tracking precious cargo, protecting expensive equipment, keeping tabs on drivers, and helping keep vulnerable people safe; a VTS has versatile applications with its contemporary features and is an invaluable asset to industries across domains and individuals as well.

The applications of VTS catch us by surprise many a time and in unimaginable industries as well. Vehicle Tracking Apps add value to a business and help it run more smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

Vehicle Tracking System – Using it Conventionally and Unconventionally

Courier and Delivery

The most obvious and common major users of VTS are in the courier and delivery industry. VTS allows delivery companies to keep track of where their fleet of delivery vehicles is at any given time. This information is used to ensure that the efficiency of the drivers is up to the mark at all times and that the cargo is safe as well.

Courier companies also relay tracking information to customers who want to know where their parcels are. VTS also helps map the most efficient and quickest routes for the drivers to take.

Rescue Operations & Emergency Services

The core emergency services, ambulance, police, and firefighters, besides the auxiliary emergency services, implement VTS in their vehicles. This allows a closely coordinated and integrated offering of services to citizens in distress.

A vehicle tracking system enables the identification of the closest emergency vehicle in the vicinity and gives it the most efficient directions to reach the citizen. This software is very useful to the control room to keep track of the exact location of the emergency vehicles to estimate the success of the operations as well as keep a tab on the requirements of further assistance.

Care for the Weak and Elderly

Vehicle tracking system finds an unusual and innovative application in the care of the elderly or weak citizens. This system is used to keep track of elderly or vulnerable patients prone to get lost because of memory problems and delusions. The location of these people is made available to caregivers and the partner enterprises who arrange for the nearest support van to reach the person in question immediately to help them back to the safety of their homes.

Machinery on the Move

Industries with sophisticated machinery and devices on specialized vehicles put too much at stake. The movement of these vehicles is vital for the business and at the same time, the assets on the move are valued very high and need to be tracked and kept safe at all times. In case of theft, the VTS helps in restoring these as well.

Typically businesses like Construction and Agriculture fall under this category.


A very profitable but also risky business is renting out assets such as bikes and cars. Rental companies use GPS Vehicle tracking software to keep tabs on their vehicles rented out at all times to ensure they are not being stolen, crossing the agreed geographies, or driven irresponsibly.

Public Transport

The public transport vehicle tracking system determines the location of a public transport vehicle like the metro trains, buses, trams, or taxis plying in the cities.

The efficiency control systems provide prudent insights into the fuel and lubricant consumption of vehicles. In addition, the system collects, generalizes, and presents to the operator the data on transport vehicles, including their location, deviation from the travel route, violations of the speed limits, and more to enable them to take regulatory actions.

School Buses

When it comes to offering transportation facilities for school students what needs to be considered as a priority is the safety of the wards. By providing access to a customizable GPS-enhanced school bus tracking system; parents, school authorities as well as transport agencies keep updated with the route, location, and schedules of buses.

The Future of Vehicle Tracking Systems

With VTS systems being integrated into smartphones as well as wearables, there is no doubt that VTS devices make their way into all walks of daily life. The increasing popularity of VTS systems increases the expectations from these niche systems.

Increased Business Use

We can only expect the use of GPS vehicle tracking software to increase in the next few decades. Even as businesses are rapidly turning to VTS systems to help them with daily operations, such as vehicle tracking, employee monitoring, and theft prevention. As technology continues to evolve, VTS devices will continue to decrease in size, increase in accuracy, and be utilized by even more businesses as a common, yet powerful tool.

A Good Business Opportunity

As more businesses demand the conveniences and benefits offered by VTS systems, the demand for distributors of VTS equipment and service providers will certainly increase. VTS systems represent an already profitable business opportunity that will only expand as demand continues to rise.

Advancements in VTS Software

VTS software plays a key role in how businesses use vehicle tracking systems to meet their needs. It is already a highly-sophisticated software-driven utility. As satellite mapping and computer imagery continue to advance, the capabilities and applications for GPS vehicle tracking software become more refined.

Applications in Personal Safety

Unfortunately, it seems that crime and violence are going to be a horrible reality for this and future generations. Personal VTS systems are already being used to enhance the safety of children and vulnerable adults. As VTS systems continue to become more affordable, it’s likely that they’ll be used even more for this purpose.

On a Parting Note

The future of Vehicle tracking systems is certainly an exciting one for business owners and the technology industry. Prudently planned solutions offer interesting uses of this powerful technology helping various industries and individuals to value add to their lives.

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