Assuring RoI with a Thoughtful Custom ERP Solution

  • Posted on : February 22, 2016
  • Modified: March 2, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
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The success of every enterprise is ultimately measured by its revenue. Conducive returns on investments need appropriate strategies and plan to be realized. RoIs is achieved best by improving employee productivity and keeping the customer base loyal and engaged thus increasing the chances of better sales.

Enterprise Resource Planning as a concept needs no introduction. A business management applications software which an organization can judiciously put to use to manage almost everything that the business deals with, like Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Production, Quality, Distribution, Finances and Accounts, Human Resources, Training, Customer Relationship Management and more, powered by potential tools of modern-day like Big Data, Business intelligence, Predictive Analytics, e-Commerce, Social Media and IoT. ERP erases the thin lines between various applications.

Many enterprises depend on off-the-shelf software provided by ERP Development Companies, banking on their reliability, business knowledge, the speed of deployment, conducive user training, and dependability. But, others, on the other hand, opt for custom ERP solutions to be able to incorporate their business logic as is in the computerized system without the fear of forcing to change. Big names offer Business ERP Solutions as off the shelf packages and these become quite unaffordable too and customized ERPs also gain their popularity because of their cost-effectiveness especially among the startups.

A thoughtfully custom ERP solution facilitates the organization with more than one aspect ensuring the increase in revenue.

Custom ERP Solution

Keeping Technically Abreast With Business ERP Solutions

The chief aim of a custom ERP solution is to empower the enterprise to coordinate tasks of various departments to achieve efficient and productive workflows. Technology, when put to use with the requirements of the current day, can be certainly helpful in achieving this.

  • Mobile Enabled ERP

Facilitates quick communications between people, departments and locations and provides access with an anytime-anywhere approach to all stakeholders including employees, business partners, and customers.

  • ERP Integrated With Cloud Storage And Cloud-Based Services

A Cloud-based system provides the flexibility of scale-up and scales down of services and infrastructure for cost-effectiveness as compared to their On-Premise counterparts.

  • Location Based Services

Allow integration of innovative apps to enrich user experiences with appropriate integration of mobile devices.

Customized Business ERP Solutions to Boost Sales & Marketing to Ensure RoI

  • Distributing Sales And Marketing Efforts

Customizing the ERP to divide the sales force into appropriate territories and divisions to distribute workloads and efforts put in by each salesperson. The Analytic tools of the ERP then point out predictions and the sales and marketing efforts are planned in accordance.

Marketing automation eliminates the need to carry out repetitive tasks thus reducing manpower requirements and increase the cost-effectiveness of the business.

  • Increase Sales Efficiency By Integrating Sales Force Automation

A profit-making business integrates a sound sales force management system during the ERP development cycle. When customized to suit the requirements of the organizations, ERP includes features of SFA to increase sales force productivity.

Shorter sales cycles because of the integration of sales workflows into the ERP are realized because of quicker follow-ups with leads and clients resulting in the faster culmination of sales deals.

  • Effective Promotions On The Internet

An internet enabled Business ERP Solution is the call of the day. Marketing efforts can be channelized on the net giving the enterprises the possibility of being available 24*7. Online shopping and other transactions catering to e-Commerce based activities can be included with the ERP, thus assuring automation of tasks like contact generation, inquiries, and leads, orders, payments, and feedback.

Integrating Multichannel CRM into ERP for Increased Business

A customized Business ERP Solution also helps in maintaining personalized relations with the clients and integrate multiple channels of communications into a unified platform.

An ERP system with social media integration automates the integration of customer feedbacks, behavioral patterns, and preferences into the marketing and sales modules.

Customer engagement gets an impetus as personalized offers, discounts and relevant information is shared in this preferred method of communicating today. The tips and suggestions are given using the analysis of behavioral patterns and predictive tools win the customer’s confidence.

Personalized pricing and payment terms are also integrated during the ERP software development increasing customer satisfaction leading to better sales.

In A Nutshell

If not planned and controlled, customizations to Business ERP Solutions can turn out to be a costly affair. Enterprises need to balance the requirements and take small but sure steps to devise a custom ERP to enhance their workflows and reflect positively in the collections made by the business by savings on time and money.


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