The Beacons Bonanza For Holiday Shopping


October 28, 2016


June 13th, 2023

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Ahaa, it is that time of the year when purse strings are left loose, and absolutely crazy shopping sprees are the done thing. It could be a trick or a treat for some or the festival of lights for others.

It is not surprising then to read about the metro trains in Singapore all decked up for Diwali and on the other hand the urban Indians scrambling for very large pumpkins & scary costumes.

All in all, both Halloween & Diwali just a day apart mean revelries not many would match all across the globe!

The Shopping Spree Over the Years

Shopping moved out from the brick-mortar stores quite a few years ago; but not entirely so! e-Commerce & online shopping is all well and so is app-based m-commerce, both fusing together to become the new commerce. But when the festive season sets in, the stores do beckon like no other time of the year.

Retailers fall back on technology to woo the shoppers and niche use cases of technologies emerge for this very very competitive industry proving how in fact mobiles & smart devices could be wooing back the shoppers to the stores.

The Omni Channel Strategies for Technology-Powered Shopping

The latest strategy for Retailers is quite clear; personalize, engage & converse for assured loyalties. An increase in revenues follows for sure. A powerful combination of techniques converges to offer comprehensive solutions catering to diverse expectations offering superlative customer experiences across touchpoints at brick & mortar stores, online stores, or mobiles & smart devices.

Beacon Development Blending in with Contemporary Technologies

The most powerful concoction of technologies becomes relevant when put in perfect sync for proximity marketing using the tiny beacons to empower the retail business.

like the Beacons and the iBeacons grab the attention of the customers and keep them enticed in more than many ways to maintain strengthened relationships.

Beacons are low-cost pieces of hardware, small enough to attach to a wall, surface, or countertop utilizing battery-friendly Bluetooth connections to transmit messages directly to a smartphone or tablet in the vicinity, transforming how enterprises communicate with customers indoors.

What Forrester Says

Forrester publications related to beacons portray a gradual but indispensable inclusion of beacons into the retail businesses to enhance in-store consumer experiences by delivering contextual messages touching the nerve of the consumers.

Beacons, Because Small is Big

Beacons & iBeacons development revolutionize the ways in which retailers remain connected with consumers using smartphones when in-store and completely change the ways of communication indoors.

Continuous data collection all-round the year related to user preferences and behaviors drives retail analytics to deliver critical insights to strategize for markets during the festive seasons. Deriving important details of individuals, beacons draw up engaging personalized experiences which go a long way in establishing loyalties.

Boosting holiday sales is a tough nut to crack & beacons is one of the most important concepts to be adopted to do so.

In-Store beacons are in charge of
  • Indoor maps & navigation for prompting customers to areas of interest
  • Increasing basket size through personalized marketing
  • Push managed content for generating interest & ensuring loyalty
  • Customer monitoring & evaluating footfalls
  • Beacons in the common areas of malls attract new customers through targeted branding & promotion

The Beacon Advantages

Beacons are discrete & connect seamlessly with apps & enterprise solutions as soon as the customer is in the store offering enhanced personalized experiences offered in the context of location in the stores & past data.

In-door navigations powered by beacons prompt visitors to the alleys & shelves which could be of more relevance to them. Beacons offer instant coupons & discounts for cross-sales & improved customer engagement giving a push to loyalty. Beacon driven loyalty programs consolidate personalization, happiness & sales together.

Context aware digital signage when used in conjunction with the real-time information captured through beacons, delivers highly effective promotional messages to every customer. On the other hand, beacons when working in sync with in-door cameras value-add to the profiling data being collected through mobile devices to arrive at insightful demographics.

Mobile Payments increase by unreal percentages every passing year. Beacons development facilitates proximity-based mobile payments for a very convenient checkout process for customers. Besides checkout, beacons automate the initiation & execution of multiple processes in retail like sensing when a registered customer is in the vicinity, ushering in visitors inside the store with welcome messages, and pushing onboarding notifications for new visitors for beginning capture of relevant information.

Gamification, the latest amongst the trends in technology appeals to the genX shoppers like none other. Clubbing gamification with beacon data keeps the visitors engrossed in small little interactive challenges offering motivating coupons and other encouragements to buy, most evidently boosting sales. Interactions initiated with social networking apps, bring forward the advantages of the latest and the most effective indoor social networking approach.

Unboxing The Beacon Bonanza

  • Seamless Connections to Apps & Solutions
  • Personalized Experiences
  • In-Door Navigations
  • Coupons & Discounts
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Context Aware Digital Signage
  • Mobile Payments
  • Convenient & Smart Processes
  • Gamification
  • Indoor social networking
In a Nutshell

Beacons development targets more than what it meets the eye in shopping malls & stores, making it instrumental in a sales booster this holiday season across the globe. The beacons provide a significant breakthrough in the retail business with their ability to sense data continuously and pass it on to data storage like Big Data. Grabbing attention & enticing patrons, they do much more than the obvious.


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