Beacons in Enterprise Mobility – Revolutionizing & Boosting Business

Would we be able to imagine our daily life without outdoor location based services like maps? No, they are now an integral part of our routine lives and now with technology speeding up, even indoor location based services are gaining momentum. Though it will take some time for them to penetrate our inner circuit, there is increased usage being witnessed all over the globe. One of the most revolutionary concepts today – Beacons, an indoor positioning system, has been most instrumental in providing a big thrust to the entire enterprise and especially to the enterprise mobility segment. Based on the technology of Bluetooth low energy proximity sensing, it comes in different formats and can be utilized at different locations, based on the need and geographical spread.


With Enterprise Mobility Solutions a part and parcel of any enterprise, the usage of mobile devices is a routine affair and has strongly increased inter and intra communication heavily. Information transfer and security factors are most taken care of. At such a time, the entry of a modern technology like Beacons App Development is like icing on the cake. Placing Beacons at suitable places facilitates employees to utilize micro location abilities by using the BLE with the use of the low power Bluetooth devices offering a large number of facilities and that too, with a minimal usage of power, GPS signals or mobile data.

Beacons in Enterprise Mobility

5 Key Areas, Beacons Has Proven Useful to Boom Enterprise Mobility


  • Field Force Management


Turning out extremely useful to both business as well as employees, the advent of Beacons into the Enterprise Mobility sector has showcased great results while managing and monitoring the physical workforce in enterprises. Putting beacons around geographical areas, where monitoring needs to be there, is the apt way to ensure security and a strict watch over the staff also, making it easy for them to report and submit their work on a daily basis.


  • Healthcare & Hospital Management


Beacons can work wonders in a hospital setup where there are umpteen opportunities to provide information to patients and staff. Also, it plays an important role in the healthcare industry wherein it can maintain and manage patient details to an exhaustive detail length, with full security assurance and proves to be useful in management as well as solving problems through timely medication.


  • Construction Industry


One of the domain areas that is highly benefited with the advent of beacons along with Enterprise Mobility is the construction industry, wherein beacons can be places on various devices like machinery and information can be extracted in terms of product info, notifications, checklists etc. maintenance can be scheduled with mobile apps continuously updating the backend to act at par with the actual happenings.


  • Travel & Logistics


The best place for beacons to play their part is the airport. Gate announcements, delays etc. could be easily transferred to the client’s mobile device. Also, it could be used at the different travel points like the sea, trains etc. logistics can avail a large amount of benefit because of this.


  • Education Sector


The education sector has seen a radical transformation after the entry of Beacons and mobility. Gone are those days of traditional learning. Now comes smart classes, glasses and much more, which support the beacons to a large extent making the entire fraternity mobile savvy and beacon friendly.


Mobile Device Management Getting Positively Affected with Beacons


This is one of the most positively affected business areas – Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM). It could be enhanced by beacons affecting different features like camera, microphone, volume settings and more. This offers a lot of security control over employees, their mobile devices and their security aspects, with the BYOD offering.


Prominent advantages of Beacons here are productivity, compliance, secure data packages, no data loss or theft, location identification, stop irresponsible data use, to name a few. The beacons technology can be utilized for tracking the location of mobile devices inside a building and have location wise policy. Based on the location, we can enable / disable certain apps.


‘Change is the only constant’- as wisely said, technology is showing different colors each and every day. As of today, beacons has started becoming an indispensable ingredient in the success story of any enterprise, along with Enterprise Mobility playing an important role. Keep looking for what wonders are being awaited.


Although the globe is trotting towards Beacons App Development and it surely has a great future ahead, there are certain areas that have to be taken care of, while its implementation. With cautioned eyes, it is a sure shot success, worth a usage, for sure.


SPEC INDIA has been harnessing the potential of Mobile App Development with respect to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Cross Platform Development, with Beacons as the technology across many domains. Request for a Free POC to test drive our services.


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