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August 10, 2016


June 21st, 2023

86% of the top 100 companies in R&D spending worldwide are from the manufacturing industry, according to one source.

The U.S. manufacturing sector would be the ninth-largest economy in the world, according to the National Association of Manufacturers.

Over the recent years, the manufacturing industry has gone through dramatic changes in the production, planning, supply chain, distribution, sales, marketing, and overall management. In such scenario, it is vital to know the role of ERP in manufacturing industries to define more strategic goals that can pave the way to business expansion.

Why Is ERP For Manufacturing Industries A Must?

Enterprise Resource Planning tool in the manufacturing industry is an answer to all business requirements. It enables organizations to streamline each activity with maximum efficiency that ultimately helps in growing business and profitability. ERP system simplifies all the business aspects and helps in the smoother functioning of every business module through the single software.

According to the Statista, the cloud ERP software market will be worth 28.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

More and more organizations are opting for ERP and capitalizing on technology to better align business expectations with real results. In order to beat the barriers, the best ERP system for manufacturing is the topmost investment priority of today’s manufacturers.

Manufacturing ERP: A Technological Priority For Today’s Business?

Innovative technology and intuitive software systems play a critical role in designing solutions for an enterprise belonging to the manufacturing industry. An Enterprise Resource Planning system is capable of bringing major changes in the industry by offering more productive and efficient solutions, ensuring better customer experiences with contemporary methods like enterprise mobility, integrated data collection & interpretation techniques.

ERP System Should be Capable of:

  • Facilitate automation and reduction in human intervention in production as well as administration
  • Offer traceable & auditable transactions with automatic data captures
  • Blur the distances and geographical boundaries
  • Logically predict demands by integrating BI and Analytics
  • Interpret problem areas and product defects
  • Collect data intelligently from all touch points and put it to use across the system
  • Schedule tasks concurrently with the aim to increase the efficiency
  • Allow contemporary approaches like BYOD for better monitoring of processes, especially production, and tracking
  • Integrate QR Code and Barcodes for tracking
  • The inclusion of sensor-based techniques for fully automated tracking
  • Automate bill of material generation
  • Gain complete visibility in all the business processes

How Can You Identify Best ERP For Manufacturing Industry?

For an ERP system to offer remarkable advantages to an enterprise, it requires systematic evaluation and inclusion of useful features. Here is the list of features to be checked at the time of selecting the best ERP for your organization.

Most Essential Features Of ERP System In Manufacturing

  • Well-designed Reports & Dashboards to indicate KPIs and keep the users informed
  • Self-Serviced approach to generate Business Intelligence with any anytime-anywhere approach
  • Accurate market forecasts for logical capacity planning
  • Automated synchronization between procurement and production with the tight coupling of stock-levels, re-order levels, and manufacturing schedules
  • Real-time and optimized scheduling of assets and staff for increased productivity with definite cost reductions
  • Inventory tracking at all times
  • Close coordination with the sales force to enable the workforce on the field to quote to the customers in accordance with production status
  • Transparent order tracking for the customer to keep them informed about their status requests.

Not only selection, but implementing an ERP requires your attention, too. Many enterprise owners are facing a lot of challenges in the implementation of ERP like technical issues, the right training, change management, compatibility issues, cost and analysis of requirements, and many more.

ERP system provides a complete platform to manage all your organizational activities from a single point. At every level, there should be provision or support that aids in better ERP implementation and solving issues.

If you still doubt the capability of an ERP to manage the entire organization, take a look at the modules of manufacturing ERP.

The Ideal Modules of Manufacturing ERP Solution

Main Modules
Sub Modules
Sales & Distribution o   Sales

o   Service

o   Marketing

Purchase Management o   Procurement

o   Raw materials

o   packaging

Supplier Management o   Supplier Evaluation

o   awarding purchase order

Manufacturing, Planning, and Control o   Resource optimization




o   Inventory Tracking

QR Codes, Bar Codes

Sensor-based techniques

Quality Control o   Raw material receipt

o   Intermediate quality controls

o   Inspection & Dispatch

o   Serial number tracking

Inventory and Warehouse o   Automated Stock levels

o   Reorder process

o   Inventory status reporting or Stocktaking

o   Traceability integration

o   Recall procedures

Service & Maintenance o   Automated service scheduling using predictive analysis

o   Maintenance history recording

Analytics o   Business Intelligence

o   Knowledge Management

o   Reports & Dashboards

Supply Chain o   Collaboration with Partners

o   Demand-driven supply chain

Human Resource Management o   Training

o   Recruitment

o   Payroll

o   Attendance

Waste Management o   Green policies implementations

o   Environment-related compliances

Finance o   Cost Analysis

Product Costing

Job Costing

o   Invoicing

o   Profit Analysis

o   Assets & Depreciation

o   Taxation

Benefits of an ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Your customer is one of the most effective brand storytellers.

Besides integrating essential data and collecting it into critical information through modern methods of reporting, ERP for manufacturing means an increase in efficiency and better-served customers. It also takes care of compliance and security at every level of your organization. Streamlined processes with increased productivity mean reductions in costs & investments allowing the manufacturing setup to offer more to the customers at competitive prices.

In order to keep your customers satisfied, modern ERP software offers the following benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency & Productivity
  • Assured Compliance & Safety
  • Streamlined & Better Monitored Processes
  • Reduced Product Defect Rates
  • Cost Reductions
  • Improved Customer Engagement
  • Better Decision Making

What Are Your Thoughts?

ERP for manufacturing really started off as a simple Material Resource Planning system years ago, and today becomes an indispensable tool for the manufacturing industry with the potential to increase growth and revenues.

It enables strategic decision-making, quicker response time, great environment adaptability, and robust integration across the manufacturing organization.

Technologies today like the cloud, BI & analytics, and mobile technologies with contemporary approaches like BYOD & social media ensure that a manufacturing ERP encompasses it all with flexible budgets to suit all pockets.

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