Cashing in This Diwali & Halloween with Big Data & Analytics

  • Posted on : October 28, 2016
  • Modified: March 4, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Big Data & Database

Crazy times are here again with the celebrations across the globe. Shopping, gifting, traveling, touring, sight-seeing and dining out like there is no tomorrow. Pure fun & frolic.

Shopping & last minute visits to the stores just before festive times can turn into a nightmare for shoppers. The rush, the pressure and the arguments mount for many. For others it can be pure fun and loads of excitement simply because they are better planned, know exactly what they want and what would please them.

Booking tickets, making reservations for holidays & even simple reservations for dining out become absolutely silly with frantic calls & clicks to grab the best.

It is in fact completely crazy times for many businesses.

  • Retailers & Malls
  • Logistics
  • Travel Companies
  • Hotels
  • Transportation

That is exactly when Big Data Analytics services come to rescue! Big fun in holidays for all!!! Gathering data all year around to help derive the most accurate analysis for the businesses for every customer, for every market; online or in the stores to make to the perfect suggestions to customers keeping them engaged and of course predict what is expected to help the businesses combat the madness.

Leveraging Big Data

Since the customer can easily compare multiple vendors at a touch or a click, businesses understand that loyalty is fickle and digital purchases make it even tougher. Knowing what puts off the visitors becomes as important as marketing & sales for businesses.

What Hassles the Visitor

  • Products out of stock
  • Tickets & bookings sold out
  • No free shipping
  • Longer times for delivery
  • No self-service options are available

Leveraging Big Data Analytics services in conjunction with a well thought of plan makes fruitful strategizing possible to keep the customers happy. With practical technology like the beacons which grab the attention of patrons of various businesses, mobile technologies, social media and the improving infrastructure; Big Data Analytics Solutions become the Pulse of the New Age Data.

Big data is at work everywhere there are visitors in the holiday frenzy; in malls, in shops, at tourist destinations, at restaurants or at hotels. Big data silently captures data from social media, online stores and also the useful apps; round the clock and accurately, becoming the best deal around for travel or instrumental in partnering with the tiny beacons to offer better guest engagement as also complementing retail analytics with beacons.

Insights Offered by Big Data & Analytics for Holidays & Beyond

The data gathered all through the year offer critical insights to be leveraged during the festive times for big time sales in form of coupons, offers and other loyalty approaches.

The Insights

The Insights

Strategizing with Big Data Analytics services to Cash in During the Holidays

With strong insights, strategizing sales during the festive seasons become more methodical and a logical strategy evolves.

      • Peak holiday time predictions for customer to know what would be expected
        • Preferences
        • Behavior
        • Demands
      • Combat traffic & visits to avoid out of stock or sold out situations
        • In-store
        • e-Commerce
      • Plan inventory & logistics to match the demands expected
      • Customize products & promotions as per the markets & specific geographies
      • Personalized marketing through apps and social media
      • Multichannel marketing to enable a seamless experience across devices
      • Dynamic suggestions for adapting shelf displays & online displays to catch the pulse of the visitors
      • Enable cross selling by accurately analyzing what the customer might want specially to go the current behavior as well as past history

Big Data & Analytics as a Service

Understanding the need to keep focus on core expertise, various businesses adopt DaaS – Data as a service model to keep a tab of critical data and generate relevant insights. DaaS captures and integrates multiple categories of data from various touch points all-round the year.

  • Basic Data
    • Data gathered & aggregated from multiple data sources to arrive at demographics and market related patterns
    • This data set becomes the long term target data set
  • Offline – Online Data Combination
    • This approach is use for interrelating offline & online transactions to arrive at patterns and conclude user preferences and choices
    • Data of this kind is of great use for personalized marketing, onboarding and planning campaigns
  • Real-time Data
    • Instrumental in analyzing with an as it occurs approach, real-time data becomes vital in cross selling with purchase intent analysis
    • Real time data is at the core of offering relevant and unforgettable user experiences

In a Nutshell

The many advantages offered Big Data Analytics companies can no longer be denied and businesses recognize these to make the most of the holiday season.

The Advantages

The Advantages

Big Data most certainly value adds to the enterprises in handling & analyzing extremely high volumes of data coming in from diverse sources. The sales boost, especially during the holiday season realized because of the integration of Big Data & Analytics into the enterprise workflow is tremendous as critical data is being effectively captured and analyzed like no other could have.


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