Cloud Application Development – All Set to Rule Today and Tomorrow

  • Posted on : February 13, 2017
  • Modified: March 7, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Cloud Services

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing” – Paul Maritz.

Cloud computing has evolved over these years, into an innovation that no longer remains voluntary and has proved its universal worth to becomes an almost essential ingredient in any business. It started off simply as a media to lessen the usage of physical infrastructure and replace it with the cloud based storage but has now evolved with umpteen other features which have grabbed the eyeballs of stakeholders, offering them a supreme growth in terms of business, money, resources and time. The question that arises is will the Cloud Application Development continue to reign over the coming years or will it lose its popularity over challenges of security and costs coming its way.

Looking at the robustness of this wonderful innovation and the speed at which it is putting its hold into each nook and corner, there is a sure shot futuristic path defined for it along with set procedures to face upon the various challenges that come its way. Organizations will now have to bother less about where and how to store the data. They now, can perceive ways and means of understanding and delving deep into the heaps of information they have been gathering all these years and garner further business insights.

6 Prime Reasons Why Cloud Application Development is Here to Stay

Cloud Application Development

Be it any industry and any solution, Cloud computing has made its way everywhere. Owing to the below detailed attributes, that it guarantees, there are hardly any enterprises who have not yet tasted the wonderful and fruitful taste of this innovative technology. If you look at the list below, who does not want its business to prosper and garner these attributes? Have a look at the areas wherein cloud computing has forayed and is holding strong for the years to come.

  • Independent Infrastructure

With the amount of infrastructure moving onto the cloud, gone are those days when a physical infrastructure setup could be determined. The entire chunk will move onto the cloud and there will be no need for any kind of local maintenance at all. No more server maintenance, staff for the same, no more downtimes and delays. There will be a strong provision to increase the scalability and complexity of applications with full support in terms of infrastructure maintenance. Yes, this brings in a revolutionary approach when it comes to the stakeholders availing benefits of the cloud.

  • Enhanced Growth

Observe the success of any big shot today and you will witness the presence of cloud technology and analytics behind it. Owe it to all other factors, one thing is guaranteed for any business that goes in for the cloud and that is increased growth – in terms of business, money, productivity, efficiency and more. The cloud has time and again, provided the IT leaders with full authority to monitor detailed expenses and thereby take care of the cost factors associated with each and every task.

  • Increased Cyber Security

However advanced technology is, one thing that will always continue to haunt is the security aspect. In fact, with advancement in cloud computing technology, there is an increase in security aspects also. One of the most sensitive issues today, Cyber security is really a matter of concern when it comes to protecting these gigantic heaps of information. Data, being a really valuable asset, needs high end protection whatsoever may be the size of the industry segment. Even if it means a small startup business using the cloud, there will be appropriate security measures associated with it. Cloud Application Development has a strong focus on ensuring cyber security to every little piece of information that is put on the cloud and however complex the scenario may turn to be, security will always be on the forefront.

  • Controlled Costs

With lesser physical infrastructure to maintain, there will be lesser resources needed to maintain the physical set up and hence the cost factor surely reduces. Yes, the cloud has its own set of expenses but with competitive rates, it surely turns out to be a cheaper option than the traditional setup. With increasing demand in the IT market, there will be numerous cloud based options available but for sure, they would be remain within your stipulated budgets and hence prove to a beneficial solution.

  • Insightful Information

One of the highlights of the cloud is the very fact that the entire burden of maintaining and managing the information goes off from your own head to the clouds. This provides a big chunk of time to analyze, predict and hover over the entire gamut of business information that has been accumulated over these years. With the coming times, the storage of information will surely increase thereby, offering the best of time to enterprises to delve deep into their own information and take appropriate futuristic decisions based on that.

  • Better Business Decisions

Continuing the above point, the tomorrow of Cloud computing surely has brighter business decisions to take since the very fact that the enterprises enjoy the time to analyze their own information to the most intricate details possible gives them full scope to make better business decisions. Totaling perception and intelligence to the cloud will assist enterprises to take advanced business decisions.

SPEC INDIA has been offering Cloud App Development Services to a multitude of industries, spread across the globe and has garnered expertise in developing and implementing the best of cloud based solutions. Making the most of the cloud, our state-of-the-art service offerings ensure increase profitability and productivity with business efficacy to its maximum.


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