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June 20, 2016


May 2nd, 2023

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Microsoft technologies and products remain the first choice for enterprises globally over the years. The relevance and usability of this visionary technology succeed to cater to almost all enterprises, all sizes. The assorted Product portfolio from Microsoft spanning Operating Systems, Servers, Developer Tools, Enterprise Solutions, Communication Facilitators, Collaborative Techniques and Cloud Solutions needs no introduction to most. So we hear charged up discussions for ASP .NET development or Azure or Skype or Cortana, or Windows 10 or even the Xbox with equal fervor from a diverse audience of users.

Microsoft Technology

The announcement that Microsoft is acquiring Linkedin, a couple of days ago only re-establishes the fact that the vision the software giant has conceived to nurture and groom its product base is impeccable.

An interesting read on the Forbes site states that enterprises will continue to heavily rely on Microsoft stack & products, ranging from OS to web development & databases in the coming years. Enterprises also favor the partnering options Microsoft provides, which come with a whole range of benefits fit to be leveraged for business & customers.

The Microsoft Success Story

Microsoft Success Story

Microsoft – More Than Recommended

Robust & scalable platforms, combined with contemporary techniques like Azure make Microsoft the recommended choice for businesses. Startups with genuine plans and realistic visions gain an edge and professional hand holding by signing up for programs like BizSpark.

Continuous Evolution

Experts believe that working with Microsoft stack is exciting, considering frameworks and modern languages plus the stability of an organization that has industry presence for decades. The back end of Microsoft stack gains steady maturity; but the front end has seen radical changes, with control in the hands of developers and not restricted to Microsoft platform.

Simple & Easy to Use

With Web API, Microsoft puts in place an easy to use a framework, without compromising on the simplicity of Windows Communication Foundation. With WCF & Web API combined, it is possible to set up simple web service in a matter of minutes using Web API, and it is equally simple to manage complex service requirements with WCF.

Robust Databases

SQL server seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft stack, and never fails in its role of a curator. To boost performance, it is possible to embed .NET code as a stored procedure or function, considering the .NET framework is loaded with the SQL server. All routine features such as transactions, backup, mirroring, replication and more combined with new features of SQL server 2014 make SQL server the most sought after DB technology in the industry.

Visual Studio & .NET

Today, Visual Studio is all set to become indispensable for hosting Integrated Development Environments. It is possible to integrate Visual Studio with multiple Microsoft as well as non-Microsoft products. ASP.NET development companies rely heavily on this technology from Microsoft making it the first choice of enterprises as well.

Support Spanning Years

Not only every piece of technology is appropriately supported by Microsoft, it is also ensured that the technology is groomed and adapted to the need of the times.

Microsoft Technologies Touching Industries Everywhere

Microsoft itself publishes a customer story page to showcase intriguing case studies spanning across industries & domains making Microsoft become sort of irreplaceable throughout an enterprise, not just for its development products & platforms, but more for its trademark operating system.

As part of customer story representation, Microsoft categorizes its customer brands as per small, medium, large & enterprise, based on the number of employees with the partner organization. Under the enterprise category itself, Microsoft claims to have 5000+ customers globally.

Microsoft claims that they have over 90,000 employees working in 190+ companies globally, so its business touchpoints are very clearly visible.

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Technologies – Projections

Microsoft has been around for four decades now, and this would not have been possible without strong investments and roadmap charted out for technology of tomorrow and the projections show how the trends would continue.

Interestingly, most modern-day customers rely on Microsoft to provide Azure & Office365 services, indicating the shift towards cloud & global anytime-anywhere connectivity, where Microsoft is emerging a pioneer.

Microsoft Predictions 2016

On a Parting Note

Enterprises benefit from superior RoI with the Microsoft Technology Stack. Powerful, performance-intensive, feature-rich, scalable & secure applications or websites can be built and tested quickly with the .NET framework, making it the preferred technology for enterprises globally today. ASP.NET development companies put to use this versatile technology stack to offer state-of-the-art solutions.

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