Enterprise Digitization – On A Success Wave Today & Tomorrow

In today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected – Janice H Reinold.

And that is what exactly the aim of Enterprise Digitization is. In whatsoever business circuit you see, there is a sharp rise in the development and implementation of various technological tools, frameworks, devices, and architecture. Business leaders are all set to welcome any new technology under the sun and are digital-ready. The world is witnessing a radical digital transformation, which is bent upon restructuring business actions, provide proficient customer solutions and implement the heavy opportunities that come along, in this digital world.

According to industry stalwarts, more than 20 billion devices are going to be connected via a uniform network by the 2020s. It is not only a connection, but there is also much more to it. Beacons, Business Intelligence, Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, Location Based Services, Augmented Reality and many others are contributing to the digitization era, strongly. Software Development Companies are going great guns, experimenting, implementing, working out new technologies and exploring the world of digitization to its best.

The Digital Transformation – Requisite & Indispensable

Enterprise Digitization

As the technology wave advances, the necessity to have a responsive, client-driven, well-connected, advanced, efficient business increases. The digital transformation is a well built and interconnected journey that pulls along people, processes, tools, and goals, aiming towards optimization of business processes and a persistent improvement wave. Simplest of usage, watch any user searching for any information, you will find a search engine open on a device, offering the best of possibilities. Social media has created its own place, knowingly or unknowingly, into each human life and thereby has turned into a big marketing arena for business owners to penetrate and grab a larger customer base.

5 Key Approaches That Showcase Enterprise Digitization

Digitalizing the globe has assisted enterprises in giving a new lease of live to all business features. There has been enhancement not only in the technological front but a lot more has happened within the stakeholders in terms of increased responsibility, planning, scheduling, collaboration, deliveries, customer management to name a few. There are certain areas that have proven to be the key drivers to digital transformation and now have become a part and parcel of enterprises and software development companies with an increasing number of clients every second.

  • Cloud Computing

One of the most popular examples of Enterprise Digitization today, the cloud is all set to rule today and tomorrow and has taken the world by storm. Till now, enterprises found it tough to understand the significance of this innovative technology but with time, its importance is widespread and has now seamlessly integrated into enterprises, allowing users to accept this change with open arms, no wonder, owing to its wonderful characteristics.

  • Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics

Unimaginable but true, enterprises have been holding a huge deluge of data all these years and the technology that has come to the rescue, in terms of handling, storing, analyzing, measuring and deciphering the data is BI & Big Data. Enterprises are experiencing the power of BI services and this digitalizing technology has not only penetrated unanimously into all domains, it has become an inevitable part of any business domain that is looking for growth, success and profitability.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Internet of Everything (IoE)

IoT and IoE have not only worked wonders around the globe for enterprises, they have imbibed technology into each household, each person’s life and has narrowed down the gap between people and processes. This is called the ultimate example of enterprise digitization, wherein IoT driven enterprise mobility is powering productivity and profitability and the network connects billions of devices together to make impossible tasks happen.

  • Beacons, Locations Based Services & Augmented Reality

These technologies have marked their entry into multiple domains and have made the life of the consumer as well as the business owner much simpler and successful. Gone are those days when clients used to be tired of performing their tasks, now it’s a pleasure. There are umpteen case studies which can be showcased to appreciate the valued presence of Beacons, LBS and AR. Beacons in enterprise mobility have been revolutionizing and boosting business beyond imagination and will continue to do so.

  • Gamification & Enterprise Mobility

Though it sounds like a childish gaming concept, Gamification has taken an absolute innovative outlook and has proven to be of much higher utility for enterprises in getting more business, retaining customers, increasing efficiency, enhancing user experience and digitizing the globe merrily. Gamification can drive your business to win and it seamlessly integrates various enterprise mobility solutions within it and thereby supports virtual reality and augmented reality.

The Digitization Drive In India – The Making Of A New Era

India has always been a stunner and winner, in whatever aspect you see. Technology has seen its maximum acceptance here and is witnessing an increasing embracing of innovative and complex technologies in the future to come. India is aiming the digital way round and has seen success in most areas. There is a digitally empowered India for a digital India tomorrow. Our “Digital India” program has been one of the most enthralling initiatives the country has ever witnessed. India, with its spread out variety in terms of culture, geography, religion, is all set to leverage technology as the fore front for achieving goals and opportunities. Our visionary government has set up a perfect roadmap on how to achieve the goals and what to do.

Digital India

SPEC INDIA, an offshore software development company in India has been implementing a multitude of application projects with a variety of technologies and domains. With 30+ years of sustained and varied experience, it has catered to a large group of clients providing them with state-of-the-art services and business solutions. Maintaining stringent quality standards of the organization, our skilled pool of resources has been showcasing their capabilities in a wide range of technologies.

Keeping in sync with the enterprise digitization drive across the globe, we have proficiency in the most modern digitization techniques – Cloud based Development, Beacons, Enterprise Mobility, BI & Big Data to name a few.


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