How Enterprise Mobility Solutions Driving Profitable Growth in the Construction Industry?


November 9, 2017


May 1st, 2023

“Your mobile device quickly has become the easiest portal into your digital self” – Phil Nickinson.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions have been ruling the globe now as mobile devices become an indispensable ingredient into everyone’s existence. There are numerous solutions that offer the best amalgamation of expertise, profitability and productivity to enterprises, leaving behind gray areas like inadequate and improper communication between stakeholders, inappropriate information gathering and reporting to name a few. It’s a mobile connected world after all!!! Almost all enterprises are leveraging the potential of the mobile devices by having their employees, customers, dealers, management, IT connected with each other.  Enterprise mobile apps are bringing a paradigm shift in industries for the superior and one of the industries that is extracting the best output is the Construction Industry.

A large working base, lots of employees spread out geographically, huge bulk of information passing on between stakeholders, need for record keeping & real-time information, higher inventory management and security focus – these are some of the highlights which make the construction industry one of the most booming fraternity today. All state-of-the-art tools and technologies are being welcomed with open arms e.g. Big Data Solutions have been providing a powerful thrust to the construction industry. And that calls for the extreme need for Enterprise Mobility Services which can provide value addition in terms of easy & active management of processes, employees and information, making the life of managers, architects and engineers easy, productive and flexible.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

“We are no longer in a mobile first world; we are in a mobile only world” – Larry Page

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Here are 5 Key Benefits the Construction Industry is Enjoying, Thanks to Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  • Effective Management & Instant Availability to Real Time Information

Once you have the back office information available at any given point of time, things become much easier to handle and that is where these solutions work best. Wherever your setup may be, whatever distances are there, mobile devices help in accessing necessary information immediately, saving a lot of time, money and efforts. It looks like magic if we try to compare the good old traditional method with this one. Be it any kind of reporting, these mobility solutions can instantly provide desired reports taking you closer to project monitoring and control. Taking the technology wave in its stride, yet another popular implementation to avail information in such spread out locations is that of Beacons, which has been revolutionizing and boosting business to a great extent.

  • Staying Connected – the Key Ingredient to Faster Success

You may have a big group of workers in a single geography or you may have few ones split across locations. Be it any arrangement, the solution helps in connecting stakeholders all the time, inter department, intra department and beyond. Imagine you have a big project and you are in search for some drilled down information which isn’t available at that instance. You just have to connect with the concerned stakeholder and lo! Here is your information at the tip of the finger, instantly. Staying connected with the workforce is the apt key to a successful business.

  • Offline Transfer of Information Especially for Remote Locations

Enterprise Mobility Services

In the construction industry, it is a very common fact that workers or contractors are placed at remote sites where there could be a dearth of Internet / Computer facilities. Access to offline information is a must and that is what these Enterprise Mobility Services offer to their best. In cases where the employee is unable to access online, there is a provision to transfer data offline and that too with full proof security and accuracy. One of the USPs of such solutions is the amount of time, money and energy that is saved owing to such brilliant value additions and that has a direct impact in enhancing the productivity and profitability of the organization.

  • Technology Support Accelerating Project Execution

Technology is now the backbone of any project and adhering to latest technological moves is the apt way to success. With everything on the mobile, there is a lot of seamless interfacing with other physical devices and management tools and that amounts to faster, smoother and effective project execution. Be it third party tools for construction related artifacts, multifaceted calculations and so on, these solutions are well equipped and thereby save a lot on time and energy.

  • Ensuring High End Security and Safety with Mobile Devices

Breaching security, manhandling property, misusing assets, delay in project timelines, theft of property are some of the most frequently occurring mishaps at construction sites. With enterprise mobile solutions all around the corner, it is now an easy task to monitor these sites and stakeholders to ensure no negative occurrence happens and if it does, catch hold of the responsible person with the help of footages and videos. Even if you want to know what your staff is doing, how far is your driver from the location, what is the progress at a particular location, how many workers have turned up today, has the material arrived or not and many more queries, implementing such a solution is the best way possible. Tracking and monitoring of vehicles, inventory, assets etc. can be easily done with such innovative enterprise apps and that surely eases out most of the burden from the management’s head.

As a leading Enterprise Mobility Service Provider in India, our skilled software resources have been implementing multiple Enterprise Mobility Solutions with a multifaceted range of services, in vivid technologies that can give your organization the best of business efficiency and effectiveness. Our comprehensive, innovative and robust solutions have been successfully implemented across a wide range of enterprise clientele, all around the globe.

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